Monday, July 12, 2010

[WIP] HGFC God Gundam pt3 - Lower Body

Sorry for the wait.

Let's continue with the last part for God Gundam's Work in Progress.
Starting with the feet

Normal feet build. The left has the sole panel lined. The biggest difference with usual HGUC kit is that the sole of the feet has different color than the base of the feet, but that was the original design anyway.

The finished feet. No articulation just like most HGUC kit. The black parts on the white upper side of the feet are foil stickers instead of panel lining.

The parts that will hold together the lower leg and also shows hidden detail visible only on Hyper Mode
(as the calf opens up to reveals boosters inside).
I painted the parts with gold and fill the "square" with black marker to make it look similar to the booster on the exterior calf and added some silver on the pipe-like parts.

The finished lower leg and how the calf will open up.
Marked with green is how the calf would stick into the mechanism that'll allow it to open.
The booster on the calf (orange black parts) are foil stickers.

The finished lower leg. The orange triangles and black triangles on knee are foil stickers

The foot guard. The build is unique as it was separate from either the foot or the leg. The foot guard is a big single white piece added with one black parts that connects with the leg (via peg-hinge joint) and the foot (via ball joint)

The thigh is formed by mainly 3 parts. Just like the lower leg and feet, the thighs are made of the exact same part (not even a mirroring)

The complete leg.

The side skirts and the beam saber's hilts.

The complete waist & skirt. The long black line on the front skirt are foil stickers

The complete kit

A quick height comparison with HGUC RX-78-2 G30th ver. The God Gundam is slightly less taller

Full review coming next.

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