Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy 1/100 VF-25F

Huh, I haven't been celebrating Christmas for the last 5-6 years, and the last one and this one was pretty awful, but I've bought a couple of stuff, so I guess it's time for celebration!!

You call that a loot!? This idiot is just too poor for-- *WHACK*

1/100 VF-25F because I need a red-and-white for this year's santa (no, Figma Reimu would be too hard and expensive to get right now).
RG Freedom because I love RG and will get every single one of them (yet I haven't gotten the green Zaku HAHAHA).
HGUC Gouf Custom wasn't a new buy but has been in my backlog for a while because I'm in a slump.
And Kotobukiya's Flying Base 3 because I need one for my Takemikazuchi, and because bd77 has been promoting them as pretty damn awesome.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

[Sidestory] Recent Stuff December 11th 2011

There's really nothing new since I'm pretty much in a slump (in various ways) "orz.

But anyway, here's some interesting/random stuff.

Two military and a Dovahkiin. It's another game poster parody :p
Click for larger picture.

It's kinda funny that me and my two housemates each completes a Kotobukiya kit at roughly the same time, and each with it's own unique building approach.
The Gaea from Armored Core Nexus (left) is done by my new housemate that has just moved in recently. It's mostly a straight build, but he added silvers and using the zippo lighter liquid technique to wipe any excess.
The Hogire from Armored Core IV (right) is done by my housemate that have been around for a while and also one of the creators of Figumo Warfare. It's also a straight build, but he added some panel lines and then added a lot of gold using gold gundam markers.
The Shiranui Niigata from Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (center) is done by me, using the usual "sand 'em all" technique and putting silver behind every clear part. I also added some silver and grey to add details.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Comic] Deep Breath

I'm having a stressful time dealing with my last semester (and not having much progress with it either), so I decided on taking a breather by... making comic!!

Get it? The title is one of Agito's theme song, Agito's characteristic while doing the pose before kicking, and the joke of this comic. Get it? *winkwink* *nudgenudge* *hinthint*

I was testing making focus lines and motion lines with photoshop, and I'll admit that the lines on the first panel was horrid. ;^^
Pretty much more reason for me to get Comipo!. And apparently the contest will continue sometime this week.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Jesta

Finally posted this WIP ;^^.

No, there is no other pics in this post that'll have alt text over it. I'm not too creative to put alt text on over 80 pictures ;=_=a

This build is for the Jesta group build at MVP Figure. I mostly just add silver some... okay, everywhere :p.
Also, I used Chubbybot's sand all part technique as usual :).