Saturday, December 3, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Jesta

Finally posted this WIP ;^^.

No, there is no other pics in this post that'll have alt text over it. I'm not too creative to put alt text on over 80 pictures ;=_=a

This build is for the Jesta group build at MVP Figure. I mostly just add silver some... okay, everywhere :p.
Also, I used Chubbybot's sand all part technique as usual :).

Starting from the feet, and right away, silver!! XD
The feet guards are fixed and does not move at all.

Added some gray and gold (using gundam markers) under the feet according to the manual.
I guess this is what it means for gunpla building,. Some of the sweetest detail are where you can't see them hahaha.

Assemble the feet, simple enough.

I liked how the grey gundam marker color looks almost exactly the same as the grey plastic of this kit :D.

Continuing to the leg, the design of the hip connector allows huge range for sideway leg movement, if not limited by the skirt/waist.

The feet connector is simple enough.

And then for the knee connector. Added some silver (using artline marker) to the piping behind the knee.

Connecting the hip and the knee part.
The seamline is disguised as panel lines.

The hip design allows 360 degrees movement below the hip connection, nice :).

The part that'll connect the knee and the shin.
Kinda weird since they usually just connects the knee part to the shin.

The base of the shin parts.
Added silver on the thrusters.

Painted the thruster for the back of the leg with silver.

Finishes the leg by adding the side armor (thruster?) and front armor.

And that completes the leg.

A helpful hand by Bandai :).

The completed legs.
The silver for the legs' front thrusters is only visible when viewed at a certain angle ;^^.

Foil sticker for the V-crotch.
Finally Bandai did something right by having sticker V-crotch that looked good and doesn't peel-off easily.

Painted the piping for the waist with silver.
I guess this is the first (and only?) EFSF unit with pipes on the waist,
since such feature mostly exist only on Zaku and some Zeon suits (Sinanju).

The grenade rack/side skirt.
The design is similar to Jegan's, but this has shorter part for the cover,
making it harder to open the grenade rack compared to Jegan (is it not designed to open at all?)

The thruster/vent for the front skirt.
Like all thrusters/vents in this kit, I painted them silver :).

The back of the front skirt.
Painted the inner side with gray to add depth illusion,
though I wonder if it's effective since the parts are already in dark colors ;^^.

The are some panel line opportinuties on the front skirt,
but since black panel line would hardly be visible on a dark surface, I first used silver...

And then sanded the parts, leaving the paint inside the panel line :D.

Added the thruster/vent. Painted black on the middle using normal markers.

Separated the front skirt for individual movement.

Liked the effects there :).

Similar treatment for the panel lines on the rear skirt.

Also painted the thruster with silver, and the inner side with grey.

I was glad that Bandai actually separated this single grey color from the rear skirt :).

The rear skirt unfortunately doesn't move, but that is to be expected on most HGUC.

The completed waist section.
Half the work went to the silvers hahaha.

Onto the chest area.
I liked how effective the design is by combining the chest color and neck part.
Altough it's kinda unfotunate that the neck design is a standard double ball jointed neck instead of an articulated neck that can swing upward to look up (HGUC Nu, Unicorn, Jegan, etc).

Painted the extra colored part with silver.
"But it's not a thruster now vent."
Shut up, it looks cool.

More parts to complete the body.
The chest is ball jointed, though it only adds a little bit of movement.

Also did the "silver then sand" on the small panel lines on the chest (sorry for the blurry pic).

Into the backpack.

The polycaps allows the shield connecter or cover to be put.
Since the shield can only be connected to the left side of the backpack,
the right side is probably made in advance to prepare for the HGUC Jesta Cannon.

Painted silver on the thrusters and it's inside.
It's a little tradition of mine that all EFSF kit will have silver thrusters (in and out)
while the Zeon kits will have gold thrusters (only the inside).

Painted the small circle with grey according to the manual.

For the shoulders, I painted silver on the small circular thruster and the verniers on the lower side of the shoulders.
I also painted grey on the small segment on the upper side of the shoulders for no reason :p.

Onto the arms.
Painted silver on the small indentation on the elbows.

A different design between the left and right arm.
I preferred the design for the left arm because it left less seamlines.

Painted the part where the hand would connect with grey.

Completed the arms.
The right arm stores ammo magazines (not removable here) while the left arm stores
the beam sabre's hilt (similar to Nu Gundam's spare beam sabre).

Finished the open hands for now.
I liked these hands the best since these expresses emotions better than other hand types.

That seamline is reaaallly visible ;^^.

Into the head.
Painted the inner camera with silver so that it'll show up better when the clear part is placed.

Painted the inner too.

And it seems pretty effective! :D.

Similar treatment as the skirts for the panel lines on the head.

More silver on the indented part on the forehead.
"You know, these aren't thruster nor vent either..."

And silver for the small indents on the incom.

Silver and silver + red on the vulcan pod.

Add silver + green on the incom, silver on the cheeks, and the foil sticker on the forehead.
Phew, the coloring process took longer than building the head itself hahaha ;^^.

I'd say that, from bottom to up, the difficulty of the build gets lesser, while the difficulty of painting increases XD.

Unnecessary detailing for the sake of looking cool hahaha.

Onto the rifle, which is really simple (as expected from most HGUC kit).

A silencer (though it function as a recoil control here), a foregrip, and a red dot sight.
Either Katoki is a military-otaku, or he just played a bit too much FPS when he designed this hahaha.

Foil stickers for both the front and rear of the sight.
I don't think Jesta actually aim from the sight for shooting, so this design is kinda odd ;^^.

Got a weird idea before painting the missiles on the shield.
I tried masking with blu-tack ;^^.

After shaping the blu-tack around, I press my silver marker around.

Didn't turn out very well, so I went back to the usual "paint then scratch the recess".

Put some silver on the protruding part of the shield.

And put the missile pods on the shield.
It's kinda funny that the missiles had different shapes (probably designing error).

Also added silver on the protruding part behind the missile pods.

And another silver on the circular part for the part behind the shield.

And here's the part that'll connect the shield to the backpack.
The back of this part is unfortunately hollow :(

The hands (except the trigger hand) are from the new GM hands set runner (MP-1) that first appeared on
HGUC GM Type-C and every HGUC GM release after that.
To be honest, IMO this is one of the best thing to happen in the HGUC line. In fact, every HGUC should get these sets of hands XD (then again, some units have different shape and sizes, so... yeah ;^^).

A little bit of testing the hands and rifle.
Both the trigger hand and holding hand fits snuggly :).

It's kinda easier to put the hands on the rifle first before putting the hands on the kit itself.

Jesta couldn't aim down the sight due to design, but aiming from the hip looks cool enough XD.

And for the Beam Sabres, we get two beams even though there's only one hilt.
Oh well, extra beams for whenever another kit needs.

The hilt has a simple designed compared to the Gundams',
but its kinda expected since this is a mass-produced unit.

Since we got the left holding hand from the GM hands set,
Jesta can hold bot the beam carbine and the beam sabre at the same time :).

Aaand that's it for Jesta's WIP.
I'll probably post a gallery of Jesta posing in a different pose.

Oh, and the Jesta can do a kneeling pose, somewhat.


  1. Finally you've done this guy. =)
    And yes, another worthy variant of the venerable Jegan line.

  2. What grit sandpaper did you used?

  3. @bd77:
    True. I used to think that Jegan is the best looking EF grunt unit. And boy I'm glad Katoki proved me wrong XD.

    I used an overused (no pun intended) p600 sponge sandpaper that is probably a p1000 by now. Though I made quite a bit of mistakes on this kit by sanding in only one direction ;^^.

  4. Really good job on the Jesta there; you got a lot more silver work on it than I have, and I really like the colourings on the head! I too have done some silver colouring on the "monoeye" but it didn't stand out as much as yours. Maybe I'll try colouring the whole thing beneath the visor just like what you've done!

  5. @Saiazuan:
    Thanks :).

    Thanks. The lighting is pretty bright though, so it might actually stand out a bit more than it actually is.

  6. A very detailed WIP ^^
    Thanks for sharing bro, it shows clearly which parts need extra work.