Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation

If you've been reading the news, you'll know that there's a new free(?) Gundam Game for PS3.
I don't own a PS3, so all I could say after seeing some of the pictures was "wow, the graphics are nice for a Gundam game".
... And then I saw the PV.

Can we say, Gundam x Battlefield?

Holy ****, that looked DAMN AWESOME O_O.
Is this the Gundam game we've been waiting for, and is this how the Gundam game series will be from therefore on?
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm damn impressed with what I've seen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

[Comic] Calligraphy part 2

The second gunpla x Comipo! test.
*As the date suggested, I made this earlier this week, but haven't managed to post it here until now*

Side effects includes slow motion/time stop and random explosions

And as previously mentioned, here's my thought about the prospect of combining gunpla comics with Comipo!: