Monday, September 17, 2012

[Gallery] Rooftop Test

Tried doing some photoshoots on the rooftop of my new lodging house. Dusty as heck and not as flexible as taking pictures on my own room, but I am very, truly, extremely satisfied with the results.

More pics after the jump.
Open the pics on a new tab for larger size.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

System Weapon 003, Writing Interrupted

Well, my writing process was halted by the arrival of this:

Accessories to put more accessories onto it. I like that.

Couldn't resist getting one since both the beam rifles and shields included here are pretty awesome looking. Not to mention I haven't built anything in the past two months, the temptation for building this is pretty tough ;^^.

Some pics after the jump.
Pics are taken using my cellphone camera, so sorry for the quality.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

H_R is Currently Writing~

Currently (still) writing a post about my experiences from Culture Japan Night Jakarta last week.
Meanwhile, here's some random things that I myself am not sure why I made them.

Tribute to Katsuhono
Mercenary Tao/Tao Pai Pai

Monday, September 3, 2012

[Event Diaries] AFA Indonesia

In case any of you wondering why I've been spamming Japanese on my Twitter account yesterday (I doubt anybody even cared, though), I just came back from Anime Festival Asia Indonesia, which was the very first actual Japanese event in Indonesia, and I was blown away by the concert. After getting home, I went to thanks every artists on Twitter before sleeping despite sore throat and sore legs & arms muscles (worth every hops and glowstick swings).

I know some people would probably be like 'ONLY ONE LOOT!?!?'
My only loot from AFA ID.
Had I not found this, I probably would've bought the Aniki Muffler.
I want it soooooo much, but it was pretty expensive :(.