Saturday, September 15, 2012

System Weapon 003, Writing Interrupted

Well, my writing process was halted by the arrival of this:

Accessories to put more accessories onto it. I like that.

Couldn't resist getting one since both the beam rifles and shields included here are pretty awesome looking. Not to mention I haven't built anything in the past two months, the temptation for building this is pretty tough ;^^.

Some pics after the jump.
Pics are taken using my cellphone camera, so sorry for the quality.
fat & large fish sausage
"I'm poking your face with my black fat long thing"

Because two pilebunker stakes are better than one... I suppose
The short beam rifle is one of the best looking weapon in any mecha series I've ever saw.
The pilebunker shield also looked pretty awesome.
Too bad where the shield connect to the forearm limits the poses where it'll look good.

Imagine the noisiest sound of metal being scrapped when watching this pic
And the awesome movable Giant Claw Shield.

And a point blank shot to the cockpit
A weapon with tactical use instead of just bigger/more beams, that's how I like it.

Well that's it.
I may or may not make a full review of the System Weapon 003, though don't hold my word for it, considering how often I didn't fulfill them (though if there are many request, it'll help my motivation :P).
Back to writing for Culture Japan Night Jakarta's post. Should be up soon. It's not like I have anything else to buil---



  1. Ah yes, Bandai is entering Koto's area of poisoning.
    I have to say, that Bandai's one has two colours compare to Koto's single colour ones but now, Koto has up the ante by making powered weapon sets.

    Oho. you just got yourself a Justice.

    1. Bandai had hit-and-misses with some of their designs, though this one is a pretty big hit for me. But Kotobukiya also had some really great designs, and even some playability like the chainsaw and gatling ones.

      Yeah, got Justice. Almost got it along with Skygrasper, but turns out recent events has wasted my wallet pretty hard ;^^.