Monday, July 30, 2012

"Muv-Luv The TSF Forefront" slated for December release!

Muv-Luv The TSF Forefront, a doujin game created with UDK, is slated for December release! (probably Comiket 83).
The developer's site

The newest PV showed some more co-op vs BETA. So far only the Grappler-class BETA and small Laser-class BETA is seen in the game. New updates includes more dynamic camera angles, Laser-class BETA warnings, better friendly AI and Japanese HUD (even though the TSF is F-15 Strike Eagle LOL).

So far the game looked great, hopefully we'll see more videos before the release.

Previous videos:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Sidestory] Recent Stuff July 26th 2012

Not the actual picture used for editing, obviously
Working on it.

Slower than I promised, as always =/.
Now let's see whether I can justify myself with these excuses.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Sidestory] Still busy, and Binbougami ga!

Well, unexpectedly (or expectedly, considering my luck), I still got to take car of business until Monday. So I couldn't make the banner nor any comics, sorry ;^^

In other news...

Well that's a rare reaction face for an anime.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poll's closed!!

Poll closed!! Surprisingly the God Gundam win by a landslide, I didn't expect that hahaha.
I'm gonna be extra busy until Friday, so I'll start working on it this Saturday, if I'm not too tired (long story short, Sunday :P).

You know, I feel it's kind of a waste to change the current banner now that Takemikazuchi have appeared on the Total Eclipse anime LOL.

Blue Type-00R, the one that's always came saving people in the last moment possible
I'm suing this! This is a plagiarism of my banner, only reversed!! //joke
So... it's official now that Takemikazuchi has dual eyes?

New banner should be up by next Monday!
When that's done, maybe I'll put another poll asking whether I'll put my ComiPo! comics here too or make another blog for it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poll for a new banner!!

Hey guys, I have a plan to change my banner into something new, and I arrived at the idea to make a parody of "The Creation of Adam" using gunpla!

"What's 'The Creation of Adam'?", you say? Oh come on guys.
You know, that famous Man and God trying to touch each other... fingers! I meant each other's fingers!!
Still don't get it? Ugh, am I allowed to post it here? I mean, it has the picture of a naked man...