Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poll's closed!!

Poll closed!! Surprisingly the God Gundam win by a landslide, I didn't expect that hahaha.
I'm gonna be extra busy until Friday, so I'll start working on it this Saturday, if I'm not too tired (long story short, Sunday :P).

You know, I feel it's kind of a waste to change the current banner now that Takemikazuchi have appeared on the Total Eclipse anime LOL.

Blue Type-00R, the one that's always came saving people in the last moment possible
I'm suing this! This is a plagiarism of my banner, only reversed!! //joke
So... it's official now that Takemikazuchi has dual eyes?

New banner should be up by next Monday!
When that's done, maybe I'll put another poll asking whether I'll put my ComiPo! comics here too or make another blog for it.


  1. Takemikazuchi has many eyes, but only two of them are shinning.

    1. Seeing the model kit and the recent anime appearance would imply that, but I think there are other instances in works where it was shown that it only have one mono-eye. I also heard that different Takemikazuchi type could have different eye models (which is shown in the model kits of the Takemikazuchi Type-00R and Yui's Type-00F).

    2. Monoeye is the feature of Type-00F, Type-00A and Type-00C. But we don't know is it really a monoeye or many eyes covered with single pease of glass.

    3. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up. :)

    4. The revoltech takemikazuchi depict two eyes on the 00R dunno about the other variants.