Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Sidestory] Recent Stuff July 26th 2012

Not the actual picture used for editing, obviously
Working on it.

Slower than I promised, as always =/.
Now let's see whether I can justify myself with these excuses.

  • Went back home for some family time, and to celebrate my belated birthday that I skipped when I was making the report.

  • Finishing this guy:
    Insert dramatic narration here

  • Making my own room a bit more "otaku"-ish, alongside some trip to some local Japanese hobby shops that I know and writing for hopefully a chance at future career. Hint: Danny Choo.
    Hey, I tried, okay? =/

  • Taking too many time trying to win at:

    Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Kurenai
    And I did managed to win the last stage :D

    And at:

    And I never got more than 6 pages ;_;

See you guys soon. :)
By the way, I currently only got a very, very slow internet that can't open deviantArt most of the time (as in, virtually all the time). If you're from dA, please tell me in the comments.

Some pics from my "writing" that I mentioned at the third part (feel free to add captions):
Click for larger pics

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  1. RX 78-2 vs Mk-2, Strike and Freedom:
    Gundam: Because you guys are new, you think you kids can beat the original?

    The Reds:
    Sazabi: Stop. We have it all under control.
    Sinanju: What he said.
    Zaku-2: Yeah.