Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Anime review] Robotics;Notes eps 1

Finally got myself to review an anime ;^^
Though I'll have to admit, the writing style is more like a text version of a video review or a video game let's play archive ;^^.

I made this one for a somebody else's blog, so I'll put the link right below.

Comments and critiques are deeply appreciated, thanks!

Friday, October 26, 2012

[Gallery] RG Justice Part 1

These photos has been sitting on my harddisk for a couple of week yet only just now did I posted it.
I dunno, my brain hasn't seem to work very well lately @_@.

Well anyway, here are the pics for the RG Justice Gundam (part 1 because I haven't put any of the decals yet).

Loved the details on this kit, in fact it might have more details than the RG Mk-II, even though RG Justice had roughly the same number of runners while also having parts for the huge Fatum backpack.
Props to Bandai for the great parts build (especially on the Fatum) and the panel lines all over the place.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts on recent plamos

Speaking of plamos, after the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2012, lot's of new plamos shows up there. I have to say, the ones that shows up were incredibly enticing. Even so, due to my limited budget, I'm limiting my "must get list" to just 3. Here they are by order of priorities:

That thing about Culture Japan Night Jakarta...

Well, it has been over a month since I've said I'm going to write about my experience at Culture Japan Night Jakarta. I've been writing a long post, and at one point I just got sick of writing it as it turns more like a long diary that nobody will be interested to read. That, and I realized that there was pretty much just one thing I want to point from that event:

I wanted to boast about getting 2nd place on the first ever Moekana tournament.

And apparently I'm also not good at looking at cameras when having multiple cameraman taking picture at the same time
Here's some hint to know which person in this picture is "hiroy_raind": I'm a guy, and I'm definitely not Danny Choo. Also apparently my definition of "to smile" is to put the biggest smug face I have to the point of wanting to punch myself in the face the moment I saw my own photo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Comic] First Experience

I know what I did there.

Well, yeah, I'm kinda somewhat learning on doing weathering, as suggested by a commenter on my deviantArt page. Did some dry brushing with dark copper (coulnd't find metallic grey in a local Tamiya store).
Not sure if I'm satisfied with my first try. Kinda felt I overdid in some places and didn't put enough in other places. But oh well, it's a start :).
And I'm quite fond of portraying SCM EX RX-78-2 as the crazy guy that does silly stuffs XD.

Model kits used in this comic:
  • Bandai's RG 1/144 RX-178 Gundam Mk-II AEUG color
  • Bandai's HGUC 1/144 GM Striker
  • Bandai's HGUC 1/144 GM Custom
  • Banpresto's SCM EX RX-78-2

Japanese version after the jump.