Friday, October 19, 2012

That thing about Culture Japan Night Jakarta...

Well, it has been over a month since I've said I'm going to write about my experience at Culture Japan Night Jakarta. I've been writing a long post, and at one point I just got sick of writing it as it turns more like a long diary that nobody will be interested to read. That, and I realized that there was pretty much just one thing I want to point from that event:

I wanted to boast about getting 2nd place on the first ever Moekana tournament.

And apparently I'm also not good at looking at cameras when having multiple cameraman taking picture at the same time
Here's some hint to know which person in this picture is "hiroy_raind": I'm a guy, and I'm definitely not Danny Choo. Also apparently my definition of "to smile" is to put the biggest smug face I have to the point of wanting to punch myself in the face the moment I saw my own photo.

I hoped one day people would look at me, and then says "Hey look! Its that trollface guy from Danny Choo"
I don't know why, but at the time, I thought that making a trollface was the best idea ever.

On a serious note, great honor to met and have the match judged by Danny Choo himself
This photo of the final match is probably the only picture where I appeared with dignity.
Speaking of dignity, on the final match I put a Moekana card word combination of "ro" and "e" to form "ero" as a legit play (which surprisingly counts).
On the bright side, I made a lot of people laugh, including Danny Choo.

Awesome night. Thanks a lot to the staffs of Culture Japan and a friend of mine that convinced Danny to make the very first ever Moekana tournament that night and supervised the whole thing. Also best of wishes for his planned Indonesian version of Comiket.
Pictures taken from Culture Japan

There, now that I've bragged and shown my smug face for the very first time in this blog (or at least I think so) and finished what I wanted to do a month ago, I can finally get back on about plamos and this blog!
(Speaking about smug, check out my new, totally bitchin avatar!)

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