Friday, October 26, 2012

[Gallery] RG Justice Part 1

These photos has been sitting on my harddisk for a couple of week yet only just now did I posted it.
I dunno, my brain hasn't seem to work very well lately @_@.

Well anyway, here are the pics for the RG Justice Gundam (part 1 because I haven't put any of the decals yet).

Loved the details on this kit, in fact it might have more details than the RG Mk-II, even though RG Justice had roughly the same number of runners while also having parts for the huge Fatum backpack.
Props to Bandai for the great parts build (especially on the Fatum) and the panel lines all over the place.

Unfortunately, RG Justice still have this one quirk from the RG series that I don't really like, the unproportional MG-sized beam sabres.

Just a bit too long for the scale.

Funny how I took this pose from SRW @3, but turns out it is taken from the anime, which I didn't remember ;^^.

RG Justice seems to have the eye parts more prominent compared to other Gundam RGs. I'm not sure if it's because of larger eye sticker or actually having the helmet parts not blocking the eye as much as the other RGs.

Justice just seems to look better with beam sabres rather than rifle and shields.

The action base for HG works pretty well for the Fatum... kinda.
If you're putting the base under the MS, you need to insert the peg facing backward or it'll conflict with the rear skirt. If you're putting the base under the Fatum with Justice riding it, you'll need to also inset the peg facing backward to counter the weight of the whole thing.

I think the fact that the feet were fixed on the Fatum leads to many promotional images of RG Justice riding it having very static poses. Here's my attempt at making dynamic pose while riding the Fatum.
(in case you didn't saw that bold emphasis on the word "attempt" above... yeah)

I painted the antenna sensor and forehead sensors with Tamiya clear blue. While the antenna sensor ended up pretty okay, the forehead sensor doesn't really shine unless you shine lights directly in front of it since the light piping doesn't work very well since the clear part on the back of the head is a bit secluded.
Oh, and hey, we got colored (green) clear parts on the previous RG (Mk-II), why are the clear parts on this RG is all colorless clear plastics? It's not like it needs multiple colors. Come on, Bandai D: .

I also painted the Fatum sensor and rifle sensor with Tamiya clear blue, and the part inside them with silver. Worked pretty good I'd say, especially on the rifle sensor.

The Fatum had way more design overhaul than the MS itself, for the good I'd say.

As you can see, there's really not much room on my new place (if you can call almost half a year as "new"), so I can only took pics right in front of my laptop ;^^. All the videos on the screen were just something I decided to "watch" while figuring out what kind of poses I'll make next (not multi-tasking when possible kinda felt like I'm wasting something ;^^), pay them no heed, though it'll be interesting if you can recognize them :p.

All right next is this:

No, the second one was for a friend of mine

I already finished the kit and took some pics, but should I make a full review instead?


  1. Nice, now you just need to get the Freedom to complete it

    1. I already had Freedom :v

    2. Oh that's right, I tought you don't have it because you only take photos of the Mk. II and the RX78