Thursday, March 8, 2012

[Comic] Calligraphy part 2

The second gunpla x Comipo! test.
*As the date suggested, I made this earlier this week, but haven't managed to post it here until now*

Side effects includes slow motion/time stop and random explosions

And as previously mentioned, here's my thought about the prospect of combining gunpla comics with Comipo!:
Comipo! had a fixed page size, which unfortunately had a different ratio with my usual gunpla comics format. This leads to a couple of problems, but mainly that I cannot directly make a 4 panel gunpla comics using Comipo! without making the picture smaller and/or having a lot of empty spaces.
These two pages of the "Calligraphy" series are made with these steps:
  1. Lightroom (editing the photo settings & size)
  2. Photoshop (adding some effects such as thrusters, blur, gold words, etc)if needed
  3. Comipo! (words & balloons, Comipo! effects, and finally exporting)
  4. Photoshop (cropping and arranging into the my gunpla comics format)
These steps is quite tedious. While the Comipo! really helps in putting words and stock effects, I most likely will never use this method ever again.

...That is, for making 4 panel gunpla comics.
I intended to make my 'Epic' comic using traditional comic paneling, which unlike 4 panel comics, shouldn't get affected that much with the Comipo! page size.

Will it be good? Tune in next time where I tests gunpla comics with Comipo! using traditional paneling!!


  1. The text on God Gundam's are quite hilarious and somewhat fits for some reason XD.

    1. Hilarious: Yes, that is definitely my intention :).
      Fits: Um, uh... I don't know about that ;^^

  2. Never asked martial artist (from G-Gundam) to teach calligraphy.

    One thing, the lighting is nicely done. =)

    1. And other martial artists like Hokuto Shinken, Kishinken, etc.
      Unless you do want mid-air kanji, time stop, and explosions :p.

      Thanks, I was kinda worried that the lighting might be a bit too strong. I'll try to keep that lighting setting :).

  3. Yeah, I also think that the lighting is nicely done, may i know the light setup for this one?

    1. It was just two desk lamps, one on the left (a bit too close) and one right below the camera (I hold it with my legs :p, didn't have much room to place it anywhere else).
      I later edited the color settings etc on Adobe Lightroom.

  4. And that's why martial artist have it tough, they must learn the ways of making letters in mid air.