Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Sidestory] Something slightly different

Since somebody said "Better some updated than no updates. :D"...

Still pretty much in a slump, haven't made much progress on my thesis, and not really in any mood to continue building Shiranui (although there's only a few parts left). Funny enough, there's also still no news on the Comipo contest.

Well to break all that, I tried (getting) something new.

Need I remind you that this is the only Heisei Kamen Rider's bike that has IT'S OWN THEME SONG?
Agito will be joining later.

Kamen Rider Agito is one of my favorite Kamen Rider show, and since SIC KT line was pretty cheap to get into (except the bikes, reasonably so since most have transformation gimmicks). I bought Tornader because if later Kuuga (My other favorite rider) and Try/Beat Chaser/Gouram were ever gonna be released in SIC KT, I would've bought them in a heartbeat, and I don't want my other favorite rider to be abit lonely :p.

More pics will be posted once Agito arrived.

PS: You know, looking at Machine Tornader's color scheme... my mind was somehow override by... TROMBE.

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