Monday, November 7, 2011

[Comic] Centum

The title is just another fancy word for 100
Self deprecating post yay~.

- I'm really sorry for not posting anything for a while "orz.
- I previously intended to make an "About me" post for this, but lately I felt a bit miserable and the draft for that gets a bit too emo, so I scrapped it.
- Now my comics no longer uses comic sans fonts. Didn't knew it was a hated font until a friend of mine told me haha :p.
- Figumo Warfare 2 didn't won the contest because we're the only one that actually submitted stop motion videos, therefore the stop motion award was removed :(.
- And my friend that worked on the video told me he wasn't satisfied with the video and wanted to extend some parts making it into somewhat a "Director's cut" (and he won't allow me to upload the video until he finishes that).
- Fate/Zero is awesome.
- Some of my markers started to dry :(.
- Finished building Shiranui's body.
- RG Sky Grasper + Sword & Launcher Pack was (IMO) a good call by Bandai, will definitely get.
- So what's about the next RG after the Sky Grasper? A friend of mine told me that he thinks it would be AGE, but I'll hope Bandai waits at least another year so they can release RG AGE-1, AGE-2, & AGE-3 consecutively.
- I guess I should start working on Jesta's WIP...
- And here's to another 100 post and more!! :D


  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts!

  2. hm,,, i saw him too
    i saw him when he was playing battlefield 3 on his friend's computer,, ha ha ha

  3. Dude, I'm still using Comic Sans for mine. =P
    At least it's better than... using Courier New for them...

    Sorry about the award... (such an easy excuse for them)

    Yeah... was wondering where was you Jesta. XD

    Also, congratulations on reaching your 100th mark and onwards to the next. =D

  4. .. oh, BTW, what's the name of the font? might give a whack at it... XD

  5. @Playevolution:
    Thanks :D.

    Hahaha, you'd be surprised to see what people have to say about comic sans (hint: it ranges from utter hate to death threats).

    Yeah, definitely didn't went home happy that day :(.
    I can kinda accept that Figumo Warfare 1 didn't won because it lacks story or message compared to other competitors, but not even considered existing after 3 all-nighters working on the video... that's just harsh.

    Jesta will be here... sometime... :p

    And thanks too :D.

    If you're talking about the WIP, I decided not to make one because of it's controversial nature.
    If you're talking about the comic containing the Gundoom, I'll wait until I have more news about the Comipo contest. If I didn't make it into the finals, I will immediately start making the comics using photoshop. If I'm in the finals, I'll wait and hope that I won, so that I can use Comipo for making comics in the future.

    Oh, the font in this comic is "Anime Ace".

  6. Better some updates than no updates. :D

  7. Too bad about the stop motion award. I'm also feeling the crunch time of college lol.

  8. Oh, and before I forget... Your Aile Strike is really posing... LIEK UH BAWWWZZZZZ!

  9. the 100th post is indeed special :D congratulations!

  10. congrats on the 100th post :D
    you're very good at this comic stories, keep them coming bro!

  11. Congrats on your new milestone!

    Regarding on the Comic Sans, I did come across a BBC article talking about it. It's alright to be used colloquially and in a light hearted way, but probably not the best idea to overuse it or involve it in serious business. Otherwise I'm fine with Comic Sans. The new font you are using is still good though for 4koma.

    Take your time on blogging. At least it's great to know that you're still updating! Real life can kick hard at what we want to do sometimes I gotta admit.

  12. @LEon:
    Thanks, I'll remember that :).

    Hahaha, let's hope the two of us and any others in the same predicament can pull trough :).

    He's always acting cocky... as long as he wasn't out-gunned/knifed.

    Thanks :D. I was kinda ashamed that it wasn't merrier, but at least it was "special" :p.

    Thanks, I'll work on it :).

    Aah, interesting.
    As for the new font, as soon as I heard that Comic Sans aren't very well-received by most, I immediately searched for the fonts mangascans mostly uses :p.
    Thanks for the kind words :).

  13. this one is interesting one! i got your blog from one of my friend! gundam! my interest on robots were like seasons, come and go, but it will come again,

    hey i used to make a comic like this, wanna check out? i'm not good with it, but at least i make some of it..

  14. @Saiazuan:
    Hey, sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks :).
    I felt that I had huge interest in anime/manga/game that involves giant robots, but I also felt that there is a real lack of good giant robots anime/manga/game for the last few years. There are a few exceptions, but it were so few that sometimes I actually wonders how come I liked robots hahaha.

    I've read your comics :).
    You could work more on the plot and posing, but I really liked how you crop the pictures to fit some parts outside the panels :D.