Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comipo!, and some other stuff

A kinda long wall of text about how I found and finally use Comipo!, a couple of my Comipo!'s comics, and a little bit of my current gunpla stuffs.

Around last year (exactly this date one year ago, I just realized ;==), I heard news about a software named Comipo! (the "!" is part of the name, something anime/manga has been doing a lot lately). It's a software that uses 3D models and preset stuff like focus lines and manga effects to create a manga. In short, it's a manga software for those who can't draw (This sentence could've been less blunt, but I'll leave it at that. (´・ω・)). And so, since the reason I made comics using plastic models were because I can't draw worth sh*t (seriously), I basically did a somersault of happiness (not literally, I tried, I think I lost some memories from the impact).

At the time I heard the news, the software was still not yet finished in Japan. I decided to wait until it's release, and try to see what it's capable of (even though my Japanese isn't really good enough to utilize applications).

And then...... I kinda forgot about it (sorry "orz)

Well anyway, time flies bye, and I made more comics using plastic models. While I do enjoy making them, I felt that the story possibilities (for me, at least) is kinda limited to the gunpla itself and probably the anime/manga/game the kit came from (says the guy who made Master Gundam a pervert and made "mecha bestiality"). I'm not exactly troubled with that since I loved gunpla, but there is a "grand story" I had in mind that is impossibile to do with robot plastic kits (if possible, I wanted to make a novel or comic with it)

And then one day, all of the sudden bd77 used Comipo! for his comic!! (BACHUGABATHUH---- WHAAAAATTT!?)
So I went and checked the news for Comipo!, and not only that I've found that it has been release in Japan for a while, but an English version has just been recently (kinda) released as well!.

Here's some more info about the Comipo!

Now here's the catch.... I'm broke (like, totally), and things ahead aren't exactly looking better (if I also count the stuffs on my life, this is pretty much one of the worst moment of the year. Heck, make that worst moment in the last 3 years.).

But not all hope is lost!! Crunchyroll is now having a Comipo! contest (by using trial ver. of the English Comipo!), and the winners will get the retail version of the Comipo! for free!! (UWWOOOOAAAAAARRGGHHH!!)
So of course, I participated in that contest right away.

Here's the comics that I've made so far with the English version of the Comipo! trial, with the second comic (Natsumi's Summer #2) being the one that I submitted for the contest.

I'll admit the effects on the last panel weren't that good, but there's not much available on the trial
Yes, the trial's background is limited to an empty classroom and a couple of mental background
No open book model for the trial either

There are some good entries by competitors too, I really hope I can win this one.

Also, Comipo! in Japan is currently collaborating with GSC with a contest of their own. bd77 is currently using the free version to be used for that contest, and I can see why as it has much more functions compared to the English trial. Unfortunately it'll expire on the end of this month, and it's fully in Japanese (though if you used the English ver. before, you pretty much know where everything are). Also that contest needs you to put Nendoroid Gumako in the manga you're making, which is hard for me because I don't collect Nendoroids (and it might even be impossible for me to get one before the end of the month).

Though I did made one manga using that Nendoroid contest version. But of course I can't enter that into the Crunchyroll contest since it has to be the English Trial version.

Yeah, this was rehased into the third trial comic

So, does that mean that I'll stop making comics using plastic models?

After all, I'm still a Gunpla Builder, and making comics with them is what have brought me this far. In fact, as bd77 has pointed, the effects in Comipo! can be very useful to help making comics with plastic models. It might even help me break the 4koma/4panel comic form and make a traditional panel page. That is why I still held from making the "Epic comic" I kept saying. (to be honest, I wanted it to be released alongside when the Persona 4 anime is aired, since it brought quite a bit of reference to it. Alas, now I'm a couple eps late). That's why I really strive to win the Crunchyroll contest, wish me luck!! :)

I do plan to also make a series fully using the Comipo! feature. I wonder if I should make a separate blog for that.

Now, on a gunpla related news...
I have finished Jesta a couple days ago.

I don't play Battlefield 3 though. My old laptop is just... too old for that.
In case you haven't figured out what Figumo Warfare 2's poster is parodying, here's a hint.

I always wanted to pose Jesta like that, even before I manage to get it.

In other news...

Good grief, Fu'un Saiki is such a magnet for bad luck.
Maybe I should rename him as "Uun Saite" (lit: Worst Luck).
Was repaired with a super glue.

Aaand that's it. Thanks for reading a more personal kind of post than the ones I've been making.
The next post will be kinda special :) (nope, not a comic).
And does everybody still remembers about the alt text? :)


  1. Fuun Saiki the hornless unicorn lol.
    *cough*mw3>bf3*cough* ;)

  2. Ohhh... Good luck on your entry for the Cruchyroll contest. =D

    And yes, I'm still (enjoying) using the Japanese ver for mine but... I'll stick with Photoshop for the (epic) long ones. =D

    Your completed Jesta is walking like a boss. ^^b

    (mw3, bf3, wtf3, all that pales in comparison with FreeSpace2 beam effects).

  3. @ Jesta and BD's "Like a Boss!" comment...

    Agreed with that... and you've been listening to too much Lonely Island, haven't you BD?

    @ Fuunsaki's horn...

    Now would be a good time to consider reinforcing it with steel and epoxy... :D

  4. Wow the Jesta looks so cool,
    But I think I'll wait for the MG

  5. @Tom:
    Haha, he really is one unlucky unicorn.

    Thx :D.
    Yeah, some effects are still done better with photoshop. I might use both if I'm willing to :p.

    Nuh, it's not like the horn was touched very often, and I did made the mistake of making it fell from the shelf ;^^.

    There hasn't been much grunt MS for MG lately, so it might take a while. But when it come it'll definitely be awesome to look with it's full detail, especially the backpack (The HGUC had some visible hollow parts on the backpack).

  6. Fuun Saiki sure has a lot of mishaps... Hope that would be the last of them o_o;

    And very nice how the Jesta poses with the distinctive front cover of BF3! I still gotta decide what markings I should stick on mine!

    As for the Comipo 4koma you post there, are those 'screenshots' from MMD or something? At least it looks like that way :o Wish you best of luck on the contest!

  7. @Q:
    I certainly hope Fuun won't get in to another problem.

    Will you use consecutive numbering on your three Jestas, or will each be uniquely numbered? :D

    For the Comipo, I guessed I should've put this video on the post ;^^