Monday, October 3, 2011

[Comic] Uncomfortable Reunion

First thing first.
The personalities of the characters in my comics do not follows the personality of the original characters/pilots from the original show.
With that in mind, I also do not call the characters in my comic by their pilot's name, but usually by the unit's names or anything close to the unit's name (since calling God Gundam "God" is awkward). Therefore God Gundam is named "G" in my comics (hey, I finally decided on a name for him!).
Now that's said and done, enjoy the 3-parter comics! :D

When there's a master-student character, the master must be a jaded person, or a comedic pervert.
Yes, that's the first thing I thought when they advertised the wing's opening function.
Anybody up for an OMK match?

For those that doesn't know what Blazing Comet Kick is, please read one of my previous comic.

For those that doesn't play Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ougon Musou Kyoku, please watch this.

The next comic after this will be the epic comic series!! :D


  1. What the heck da ze~!

    Master Asia is really letting himself out. XD

    And... oppai-finger?... +_+

  2. still cannot unseee Fuunsaiki as very disturbing

  3. Master shd try the oppai finger on Nobel:D

  4. Lol oppai finger, only effective against female fighters XD

  5. Now that's one frisky dude... XD

    And BTW, LOLWUT?! on the Oppai finger (However, could be better if it's named 'kachi-kachi' fingaaaaa! *is shot... XD)

  6. @bd77:
    He's one table spoon of a master, one tea spoon of a serious, and one bucket of perverts.

    At one side, mission success!
    At the other side, sorry! ;^^.

    It's not like he can't, which I believes that means he already did some times ago :p.

    Nah, it's also effective against male fighters.
    It totally damages their pride and honor.

    Never too old if he's like that.

  7. wahahahahaha, master asia kabul!! XD