Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Comic] Cutting Edges

Sorry for being late :p.
There'll will be another couple of comic before the epic comic starts, just so that I can introduce some other characters that'll also appear there.

Can anybody suggest a good mecha stepping SFX other than the name of Touhou's creator?
Page 2 after the jump.

Sometimes quantity wins over quality


  1. Haha strike got owned!!! Awesome story mate!

  2. A tiger always hides its claws... And Strike got upped by eight knives. XD

  3. @chubbybots:
    At least he'd still won on the huge backpack factor. XD

    Thx :D.

    2 folding knife vs 8 standard knife, no contest. XD

    He wouldn't get one-upped (or should I say, 6-upped? XD) if he wasn't showing off. XD

  4. lol they're from completely different leagues there.

    The fact that RG Strike can do the m(_ _)m orz makes this 4koma even more epic!

  5. @Q:
    At first I thought of making Strike simply just ran away, but then I decided to make it exhibit RG's articulation :D.

  6. Man, these RG are so good, they can pull off a bowing pose lol. It's a shame no one else knows the power of knives lol.

  7. Are you sure it's not Colasour who's piloting the strike? XD

  8. @Tom:
    It's all about pulling a good pose, even if it's a disgraceful one XD.
    The closest thing to knives are the kunai of Efreet Nacth. Unfortunately it have yet to be released into the HGUC line :(.

    Well there's not really anybody piloting these as they're more like self-aware, genre savvy, living toys. But I still get the fun of deciding their characters :p.

  9. a boke strike is so funny XD

  10. LOL
    after all the bragging about his knives....

    the last part is the best!