Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finished building HGFC Fuun Saiki!


Managed to fix the front leg!

Oh, and if you noticed, yes, I'm back at my other house. :D
At first I'm gonna post about it (and the busy week which made me unable to post anything till yesterday), but I put Fuun's broken leg first :p.

By the way, I got a question about Fuun Saiki...
*WARNING, disturbing image ahead*

Oh my~

Please tell me that's not what I'm thinking it is.
Because I can't help thinking of this image:

I used to think mecha sex is stupid. Now I'm the one that posted mecha bestiality.

Forgive me for creating a something you can never unsee till the day you die.


  1. Another tip for the ball joint: Might want to use a steel rod to reinforce the peg.

    You may want to check this tutorial:

    BTW, Last two pics...

  2. Congratulations in fixing the leg. A broken kit/figure is a very broken experience...

    Urr... Nobel, just WHAT are you thinking of?...

    Domon: FFFF~!

  3. Thanks :D.
    For now it's good enough with the combination of superglue and cement. But if anything happens, your tip will definitely come in handy :D.

    Ahahahahah, Ron Simmons' "DAMN", I missed that XD.

  4. you know that you need an obligatory Fuunsaiki humping on Nobell

    (ok, kill me)

  5. @bd77:
    It's actually Fuun's assaulting Nobell.
    Expect that reference on future comics XD.

    If I can do that without getting into trouble, I will.

    ... That means no.

  6. ahem....I don't get where this is going....
    all I see is a happy moment of a mecha schoolgirl and her pet white robot horse XD

  7. @heathorn:
    Yeah, it's a happy moment.
    *plays happy classic tune*
    ... Okay that actually made it creepier.

  8. OMG!...Fuun-Saiki... HOw could you!!!

  9. Hahaha Funny Scene on Funn-Saiki !! Nicely done on broken part.

  10. @Gundam Gunso:
    He have the hardware, he'll put it into use.

    Thx :D.

  11. please visit my new blog

    BTW.... what the heck is that....?

  12. @Menroko:
    Thanks, I'll check it out :).

    That is your nightmare for the next week :D.

  13. Never knew you were into something like that... O.o
    Nah I'm just kidding, funny comic coming soon? And why was I not surprise it's Strike Gundam on Fuun Saiki and not Master Gundam.

  14. Just realised that the Fuun Saiki is a unicorn :o I wonder whether anyone would do a Unicorn Gundam riding on the Fuun Saiki painted in the same colour as Unicorn Gundam itself.

    And lol you have always managed to shock the readers after the jump... This time is no exception, and I have nothing to comment on the last photo!

  15. @Tom:
    I should be ready with a comic next week, but ones involving Fuun Saiki might have to wait a bit until Master Gundam is finished, and before that I'm going to make the Epic comic that was supposed to be made around last anniversary.
    If there's anything to be surprised about Strike, it's how come he's not on the new banner hahaha.

    My friends told me to replace Fuun's head (and neck) and replace it with Unicorn's upper body to make a Centaur hahaha.
    I'll take that as a compliment. XD