Monday, September 19, 2011

New looks, and what's coming ahead.

Hey guys!!

Remember about that surprise that I have mentioned before?

Nope, this new look is not what I meant.

At least it wasn't what I fully intended at first.
Here's what I wanted to do: Moving into Wordpress.

I wanted to do that because during my short time on intern work, I learned quite a bit about using Wordpress. And after a while, I had a thought of moving my blog into Wordpress, with new looks and all.
That intention was then cancelled when Blogspot had a new interface, so I decided to stick around a bit more and maybe test some stuff.

But there are also some stuff that I'm still gonna do, those are:
  • Moving this blog's domain into
    Ow yeah, new domain! Also probably would help people that's wondering why this blog is named Chessboard Attic while the link says Valrehn hahaha.
    This might take a bit while though, since I haven't made a paypal account, and my mom fusses a lot about my credit card (which I have never used).
  • Adding pages
    I'm going to make "About me", "Comics", "WIP", and "Review" pages, so that people would be able to browse stuff easier, especially the comics.
  • An EPIC comic series
    I wanted to make this comic around the last anniversary. But due to circumstances, I had to delay it, until now. This comic series will contain Hi-Nu Gundoom's only appearances on my comics, and a bit of reference to other stuff that I liked. At first I intended to make all the pages and put them into a single post like the Blazing Comet Kick comic. But after some planning of the scenes, I think this series will at least be twice longer than Blazing Comet Kick. So I would probably post every new one/two page.
    FYI, before this comic is posted, there will be a single comic post first that is unrelated to this series, just so that you're not confused. You can expect this series to start around two week from now.
    Hopefully it can go smoothly this time.
  • Uses of alt text on images.
    During my intern work, I read some webcomics during the breaks (I refrained from reading manga because to be honest, manga that doesn't contain fanservices is kinda scarce ;^^), one of them was The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which is very awesome XD.
    I really enjoyed the extra entertainment of the alt text (text that appears when the mouse hovers over the pics) the author included in almost every page. So much that I intend to do the same with my comics and pics XD. In fact, I already used alt text on the previous Fuun Saiki post.
    I would use alt text on every post from now on, though I'll try to keep any important information visible on the normal paragraphs.
I hope you guys will enjoy the upgrades and updates for Chessboard Attic! :D

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the banner.

At first I didn't plan to use Takemikazuchi as the banner character.
In fact, I wanted to use RG Strike riding HGFC Fuun Saiki while standing XD.
But then I realized that it would be pretty hard to photoshop (cutting it from the background) and it won't carry the glowing eyes charm from the previous banner character, Gespenst.
Then I thought about which kit is it that would hugely benefit from glowing gimmicks, and almost straight away I grabbed my Takemikazuchi.
I thought the huge amount of lights emitting parts it (supposedly) have would be great with some photoshopping, so hours on photoshop here-we-go!!
It took a little while, but I'm pretty satisfied with it. :3

Here's the original pic if you're interested.

When an unit can look so badass just by standing straight, it have achieved a near perfect score in the visual departement for me.

Unfortunately, I cropped the picture before photoshopping, hence I couldn't manage to shop a full picture with the lights also emitting from the skirts and legs.
Anyway, here's the shopped picture.


  1. New domain means new header means new look. Ohh... Wonder when would all this be done?

    And yes, your new header indeed carries on your previous Gespenst tradition.

  2. How about hosting your own wordpress blog? That way u can do whatever u like and gain 100% control for the content.

  3. @B-Mecha:
    I think one day I will, but maybe when I have more free time ;^^.
    Perhaps after I graduate next year.

  4. That's really well made Takemikazuchi there! hopefully you can make the review of it someday.

  5. @Yami:
    Thanks, I'll post the WIP one of this days ;^^.
    For the review, I might wait till I finish the Shiranui then do a double review.