Saturday, October 8, 2011

HGUC Jesta get!!

You know, a couple weeks ago I was stressed about the probability of me not getting Jesta because of the recent problems in Sout East Asia's importing due to the rise of yen, combined with Jesta's popularity.
But now, that seems pretty silly now that I actually managed to get one at a toy fair today, although at a slightly more expensive price (the HGFC Master Gundam + Fu'un Saiki at the fair was $4 more expensive than the one I buyed).

Since I'm participating at B-Mecha's groupbuild, I'm gonna build this right away tomorrow.
There's really not much plan other than the usual "sand 'em all and give it a lot of silver". XD

Meanwhile, at the toy fair...

The best thing other than seeing cosplayers on stage is seeing cosplayers OFF stage.
Vader wants his toy, NOW.


  1. Congratulations in (finally) get the Jesta, now... All you need to do is to start building it. XD

    Cool... Vader and gang arrived at your area, and in marching order, too. (pun intended) XD

  2. Hey so you also went to the Toys Fair at FX Senayan.
    Me too, but I didn't get any gunpla because my fund is depleted from composite ver Ka Cybuster & SHF Ryuki-Dragreder

  3. @bd77:
    On my way, sir. :D

    A somewhat orderly rush, hahaha.

    haha, I remember my friend was screaming at me when he saw one, and also when he knew that the price was bloated by more than 50% because of it's rarity.

  4. Yup, because I'm late in pre ordering it, I had no choice but getting it the expensive way, although I must say that it's worth it

  5. I think you mean Boba, I can't see Vader anywhere! XD
    So everyone's having problem with the rising Yen.

  6. Glad to see that you managed to get your Jesta! Looking forward to see how it turns up!