Sunday, December 11, 2011

[Sidestory] Recent Stuff December 11th 2011

There's really nothing new since I'm pretty much in a slump (in various ways) "orz.

But anyway, here's some interesting/random stuff.

Two military and a Dovahkiin. It's another game poster parody :p
Click for larger picture.

It's kinda funny that me and my two housemates each completes a Kotobukiya kit at roughly the same time, and each with it's own unique building approach.
The Gaea from Armored Core Nexus (left) is done by my new housemate that has just moved in recently. It's mostly a straight build, but he added silvers and using the zippo lighter liquid technique to wipe any excess.
The Hogire from Armored Core IV (right) is done by my housemate that have been around for a while and also one of the creators of Figumo Warfare. It's also a straight build, but he added some panel lines and then added a lot of gold using gold gundam markers.
The Shiranui Niigata from Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (center) is done by me, using the usual "sand 'em all" technique and putting silver behind every clear part. I also added some silver and grey to add details.

And speaking about Shiranui, here's something that I find pretty surprising:
I know a knife doesn't seems much, but hey I got two swords and a machinegun. Be thankful that I'm taking it easy!
Look at that split!
Those oversized shoulders started to grow on me.
Not a very good angle, but you can clearly see that the sole of the feet is flat on the ground.

This came as a huge surprise, since the previous Kotobukiya Muv Luv kit, Takemikazuchi had a very bad balance (due to how the feet-to-shin connector was designed) that even posing a slightly wide-legged stance would made it fell down (which I think is the cause that the rest of the Kotobukiya Muv Luv line gets a stand as a first-release bonus). I'm glad to see that Kotobukiya has managed to learn it's mistake and made a better product. With that said, I'm looking forward for the next Kotobukiya Muv Luv kit (come on, release the Berkut/Raptor/Typhoon already!! XD).

That pose is totally not Agito-like at all, but oh well it's pretty cool :p

If you've read the previous comic post before this, you would've known that SIC Kiwami Tamashii Agito has arrived. I really liked it. Despite the size, the detail is amazing, and the details aren't mirrored (left bracelet has different details than the right bracelet, etc), making it feels like the designers actually worked double the efforts rather than mirroring the designs on the computers or such!
I'm interested to get more products from this line, it's nicely detailed while also being cheap (except the bikes, but Agito is an exception since he's one of my favorite Kamen Riders). But I also heard that a lot of SIC KT before Agito had limited articulations because their shoulder pads doesn't have hinged joints (Agito had 'em). So I'll probably seek reviews before getting any. Although if they release SIC KT Kuuga then I'll get it along with his bike without second thoughts :p.


  1. The next Kotobukiya kit I'm aiming for next would be the RGray-1 fighter from the danmaku game RayStorm. A straight shot to the wallet, that kit.

    And hopefully they used a better material than before...

    My my my my... Agito sure chillin' out with the boys. XD

  2. That split pose of Shiranui looks awesome. I never get my self a Kotobukiya kit. they are all look cool and that's why it is hard for me to choose which one to buy LoL

  3. Your Shiranui looks really awesome! i am looking forward with its review along with Takemikazuchi.

    By the way are you planning to get the UN version of Shiranui?

  4. @bd77:
    Nice, that thing looked really great after panel lined :D. It's really cool for Kotobukiya to be making kits of old school shooter games :D.
    Shiranui's plastic material feels pretty okay for me. It seems that Kotobukiya has been upping the ante lately :D.

    While some Kotobukiya kits looked cool, a lot of them suffers from loose parts and fragile build design (that Hogire from the first pic already had one of it's "wing" broke because it's only held by a very tiny peg), especially the older ones. Which is kinda why I'm very surprised to see the Shiranui being able to do that pose without any support and not having any loose parts! (Well maybe the jump unit since have the same build design with the Takemikazuchi's).

    I'll probably do a "comparison" review, focusing on the different feature and capabilities of both kits within one review.

    Nah, since there has been 3 color variation of Takemikazuchi and 3 color variation of Shiranui Niigata, I'm waiting for a Shiranui with Izumi Valkyries color scheme or probably Wardog color scheme, I liked those better :).
    And while I don't intend to get any color variation of a kit I already have, I would probably get Yuuya's black & white Shiranui Niigata if it were ever to be released. I just liked that color scheme so much and the kit have proved to me it's awesomeness that it's okay to have more than one LOL.
    I'm skipping the Izumi Valkyries Shiranui Niigata though. The idea of the color scheme is similar to Tarisa's (dark colored), and it also have less color by removing the black line from the legs, white of the knee, etc.
    And I'm totally expecting Berkut when the Total Eclipse anime aired! XD

  5. Actually i recall the UN version of Shiranui is the one that are used by Izumi Valkyries and the main protags(he really kicks ass with it) in Alternative.

    There is also a good chance that there will be additional equipment for this Shiranui if Koto ever plan to release Fubuki.

  6. @Yami:
    Ah, my bad ;^^. Then I guess I'll wait for the Wardog color scheme since I liked that better.

    By the way, I saw your blog and I liked it. I added you to my blogroll :D.

  7. How big are those muv-luv kits?

  8. @Tom:
    While these are non-scale kits, they roughly have the same height as a MG RX-78-2.

  9. @Tom:
    Japanese TSFs (Takemikazuchi, Shiranui, Shiranui Second) are 1/110, and F-18E/F is 1/100.