Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sidestory: Local Lego Competition

Today I just finished my team's Lego model for a local competition in my college.

In case you asked, that guy isn't me, he's my teammate

The theme was "future city", but I think we went too far and made a space station instead LOL

And after years after playing with Lego, I was reminded with how sharp they were.
I accidentally broke one of the bridge when building it and the pieces cuts my ring finger. It bleeds =/


  1. Uwah~! LEGOES~!

    Lucky you... Lego nowadays are expensive, cost even MORE than gumpla else I'll still be collecting them...

    I can imagine your teammate saying: "HELL YEAH~!"

    ps. you broke them, yet those things are harder than gunpla material... >.<

  2. Lego competition Sweet, And I love the building, okay maybe the white is a little too bland or maybe that photo's just the building part.

    were the legos free for use in the comp or do you have to scour your local toysrus for them expensive bricks?^^

  3. @bd77:
    broke, as in fell apart :p

    the legos were supplied and free to use (though 98% of the supply are white 2x4) and we can only use white blocks.

  4. O.o space station... I think it is a bit plain with only white colour but nice effort building that.

    Sorry for your hand xD.

  5. Lego?

    I think I saw nice Lego models at Toys Fair in Jakarta last year.

  6. wow that's a big lego model :D
    I still remember I have the space series, all the green2 clear plastic, hahaha