Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RG RX-78-2 new assembly images - Weapons & Shield

More images of RG RX-78-2 assembly from Gunpla Secret Factory

The parts built will result in no seamlines at all.

The rifle's cover can be removed

The foregrip and sight are moveable. A peg can be pulled out into place to hold into the hand.

The coloring of the rifle is very similar to Nu Gundam's beam rifle.

Similar to the rifle, no seamlines will be made.

Details of the shell ammo and barrel.

Moveable grip for the bazooka.

The ammo are visible through the gap.

The shield.

The base of the shield can slide up and down. Rotation parts to be used when the shield is stored on the back of the RX-78-2. Beam rifle and beam saber hilt can be stored on the back of the shield.

Long beam for the beam sabers are included.

The hilt with the peg are the ones that's used when held by the hand (instead of the one without the peg, which are to be stored on the backpack)

The bazooka and rifle can be stored on the rear waist.

The shield are held by inserting the peg inside the slit on the forearm, and then make the arm hold the grip.

The peg can be inserted into the slit on the backpack.

Be careful when entering the trigger finger into the trigger guard.

Make sure the fingers are in these positions BEFORE putting the beam rifle on it.

Then move the thumb and the rest of the fingers after the rifle is put.

The next report from Gunpla Secret Factory would be the Core Fighter.


  1. IMO, the RG 1/144 Gundam beam rifle pays a homage to its' later version. The RX-93 Nu Gundam.

    Note it's inverse colour scheme.

  2. So bout he caution about outting the rifle inb the hands, are they fragile or can pop out easily?

  3. @Gunstray: I don't think they'll pop out very easily, but the main problem is that this is on 1/144 scale. The finger is so small that it'll be very easy to lose if they actually do pop out.

  4. the weapon handle is white ???