Friday, July 30, 2010

Sidestory: Local Lego Competition - part 2

So yesterday we were told move the lego building we've finished last week to a new base, so we did. And while at it, we added some last "improvisation" to make the building seems taller, and somehow it ended like this.

click for bigger picture.

Last time, I said we went too far. This time I think we went even further. ^^
The advising teacher approached us and asked "Does this thing transform into a giant robot like Voltus?".
And we were like "Of course! XD" LOL

It really doesn't look like a building anymore, isn't it? ^^;

And for the final touch, we added some aircraft warning lights (or at least that's what we intended them to be).

Somehow I wanted to make eyes and ears on that main building in the middle :p


  1. set dah, ada berapa ribu keping tuh?

  2. It looks like one of those maps from halo, or that 3D roller coaster maps too.

    Love the city though, but it kinda screams, "Im a Metroplex", in lego form^^