Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RG RX-78-2 new assembly images - Core Fighter & Extra

More images of RG RX-78-2 assembly from Gunpla Secret Factory

Includes small part like the black on the nose.

Small delicate parts are used for the wings. Be cautious when building it.

The landing gear are plug-removable parts.

Canopy can be opened.

The black color on the nose came from the same part that made the black color near the canopy.

Transforming the Core Fighter into the Core Block. The process is similar to the 1/100 and 1/60 scales.

Exchanging the moveable core block with the transformable one.

An unbelievable feat for a 1/144 scale.

The very small 1/144 Amuro Ray. Size comparison with the connector from Action Base 2 and the kit.

The connector for an action base can also be used on the gimmick to store the bazooka/rifle.

The complete kit.

Size comparison with Gunpla Secret Factory's hand.

Size comparison with MG RX-78-2 OYW ver.

The decals.


  1. What the? A fully working coreblock fighter? At THAT size? Impressive.

    *stabs own hands*

  2. Love that coreblock, and I aint gonna quirk about the landing gear, its already to much of a bonus