Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: HGFC God Gundam

I'm finally reviewing this kit after a while since I said I would ^^;


Next to HG RX-78-2 G30th (18m) and HGUC Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode (21.7m),
you can see that HGFC God Gundam (16.6m) were taller than it's supposed scale.
Perhaps they're trying not to make this kit too small.

Next to MG God Gundam (I only had the Hyper Mode ver.. In fact, it was my roommate's)


Core Lander

The Wing can be spread to replicate the Hyper Mode. The maximum range of the wings are on the left picture while the supposed spread of the Hyper Mode is depicted on the right picture.

The cockpit can rotate to allow docking.


Usual HG design. Helmet was 2 parts instead of the newer one part helmet, which caused seamline.

The head can't rotate much because of the shoulder machine cannon. =/

The head couldn't look up very much. Looking down was "okay".


The cover for the machine cannon can be opened. It was held only by friction, so it's pretty hard to adjust the opening.

The chest can be opened to reveal the Energy Multiplier.

The socket for the arm can move forward to provide more posability.

The waist can rotate only slightly until it hit the rear skirt.

The waist are connected to a ball joint, allowing a bit of movement up and down (and sideways too),


The arms can go up sideway for 90 degree, can rotate almost all the way until it hit the wing,
rotate 360 under the shoulder, and bend 90 degree on the elbow.

Hands are on ball joints which allow 360 rotation and wiggles.

The Godfinger Protector (forearm armor) can change location to replicate the God Finger attack by moving it to a different peg.


The part that connect with the pelvis can rotate a full 360 degree.

The leg can go forward almost 90 degree (hindered by skirt). The knee can bend 90 degree.
EDIT: Turns out the knee can bend further to around 120 degree. Sorry.

The leg can go backward quite a bit because the back skirt is movable.

The calf armor can be opened which reveals hidden thrusters (which I painted) to replicate the Hyper Mode.

An unique feet-leg connection where instead of having the feet armor build onto the feet, the feet armor was built as a separate piece that connects the feet with the leg.

The feet can move up and down (&sideways) a bit.

The maximum range of spreading the leg while keeping the sole of the feet flat on the ground.

When not connected with the pelvis/skirt, the leg can achieve 180 degree split.

When connected, the leg can move sideway this much.

If forced, it can achieve a great range, but the connecter to the pelvis would pop out a bit, making this pose a bit dangerous.


The front skirt can move all the way up. The back skirt can move a bit, a first in the HG line.

The side skirt can move up a little bit. The saber hilt holder can rotate around 45 degree.


Comes with 4 pair of hands:
closed fist, opened fist for holding beam sabers, open palm for kung-fu poses (or whatever your creativity can do),
and God Finger hands from clear orange plastic.

The open fist holds the saber hilt only by friction, but it's very VERY tight (I once had a difficulty pulling the hilt out).

The beam saber will not fall even if it was held upside down.

One of the beam is longer than the other.

Reverse grip.

Various poses you can do with the open palm.

The God Ginger hands are used for posing God Finger or Sekiha Tenkyoken attacks.


Articulation: 7/10
+ Moveable back skirt
+ Huge range of sideway leg movement (if forced)
+ The hip can rotate full 360
- Limited head rotation
- 90 degree elbow bend (I expected more from a close range hand-to-hand oriented MS)
- The head can't look up far enough to replicate the Chokyuu Haoh Den'eidan attack

Accessories: 8/10
+ 4 pair of hands
+ Separable Core Lander
+ 2 pair of beams with different length for the beam sabers
- Lack of Energy Ring accessory

Difficulty: 8.5/10
+ Inner/gimmick details (Machine Cannon & Energy Multiplier) are in the wrong color
+ Core Lander's wing has hollow parts (can be closed with stickers)
+ Small vulcans in the head are in the wrong color
+ Seamline on the helmet
- Lots of stickers to make the thick black lines

Stability: 9/10
+ A highly stable kit with only one loose part
- The connector from the legs to the pelvis will pop out if the legs are moved sideway too far.

Visual: 8.5/10
+ A great looking kit that looks cool/threatening even without holding any weapon
+ Sharper look compared to the MG counterpart
- Some parts needs to be worked on before it'll look like the original thing
- The hips are too short

Recommended to:
* Fans of G Gndam
* Fans of close range unit
* Those who are looking for/willing to do extra challenge on a kit

So that's my very first review. Comments and critic are welcome!


  1. Very detail for a first review. You even list down the pros and cons extensively, too.
    Was thinking to get him but... I'll go for something else.

    I prefer the MG version, as the HGFC's hip is... too short. >.<

  2. Not buying, until Master, spiegel, Nobel,bolt, Maxter, Shining, gundam comes out!

    But nice review, and Im lovin those hands, I have big plans for it^^

  3. @bd77:
    I'm getting most plamo kits pretty late because of where I live, and lots of review would already be up by the time I could review them. So I'm compensating it by trying to make a detailed review.

    and you're right, the hip is shorter than the original. Perhaps Bandai cut them short to make the God Gundam shorter than the RX-78-2 because they had the scale wrong?

    No love for Dragon & Rose Gundam? LOL

  4. very nice review :) lots of details in this review, thanks

  5. Great review! Really appreciate your effort to share this with us.

    Being a fan of g gundam myself, I find the proportion is off. Head, arms, and torso are nice, but when it comes to the legs' size, that's the biggest minus point, hahahah

  6. don't know why but some pictures can't be loaded in my comp.

    really detail review.
    I also want to do a review, maybe for avalance exia...

  7. quite a good review there; lewlz on its pose with the ReZel though... XD

    P.S. nice touch with the gold bits; used a Gundam marker for that bit?

    Another P.S. adding ye to mah blogroll...

  8. @Zeon_Two_Six:
    thx, I'm adding yours to mine :D