Sunday, July 18, 2010

RG RX-78-2 new assembly images - Arms

More images of RG RX-78-2 assembly from Gunpla Secret Factory

The parts on the upper part are to be removed to be later used as the grip to the shield. The parts that sprouts out from the elbow are also to be removed, and then push in the parts above and below the elbow.

Lots of small parts. The parts on the runner on the left only had 3.5mm in diameter.

Realistic decal for the bronze parts. Extra caution is needed as the arm had many small and slender parts.

Sliding movement on the armor when the elbow is bent. Small gap on the forearm is for the connection to the shield.

A better look on the slide mechanism.

Slight color difference between the top part of the shoulder armor and the parts below it.

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