Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gallery: Unicorns in the Dark

Models: HGUC 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Unicorn mode & Destroy mode

These pictures were taken last March and was left unedited on my notebook :P.
And since Divinelight from Celestial Gundam is making a groupbuild of Unicorn, I thought I'll just register them (although I registered them VERY late :p).

Many of the pics were taken as a test using my roommate's emergency light.

You can see that I put quite a lot of decals on Destroy mode (much more than the ver. Ka XD) and red lining on the Unicorn mode (made with a cheap red marker :P).
For a guy that usually only do snap-fit and then full lining and a bit of marking, these two probably had the most "extra works" among my model kits.

click for bigger picture.

Different colors of beam sabers because I didn't have 4 pink beam at the time :P.
General Griveous anyone? LOL


 And there's my roommate's emergency light on the back

Ever since I built Destroy mode, I always thought that I should take this kind of pic.


  1. Cool, the emergency light do wonders for the shots, looks great. Sadly my digicam will conked out at low-light and give me noise-fill pictures instead...

    Ho~! The two Unicorns are cornered, who will emerge victorious? Will parts be scattered or there'll mounds of broken units? =D

  2. Wow.. Suuugeeeeeeeee... O_o

    Never thought it'll be this cool! o_O