Monday, July 26, 2010

Kotobukiya Takemikazuchi Type-00R

Sooo yeah, I'm actually a fans of Muv-Luv (maybe not really since I haven't played Alternative, but I know the story :p ). I wasn't much of an eroge person, except when mecha is involved in it *coughbaldrseriescough*, and Muv-Luv doesn't only have mecha, it also have JAM Project!! XD

I used to kept thinking "Bandai or Kotobukiya must release a plamo from Muv-Luv series, they MUST"...
...and now Kotobukiya announced that they're gonna release Takemikazuchi Type-00R (release date and price TBA), and I was like "oh sh#t, now what do I do?" @_@

So it seems that I'm going to get this kit no matter what.^^;
Let's see how Kotobukiya's first Senjutsuki will look like.

Many joints and great articulation on the neck, arm, and leg. (which really reminds me of Alt Eisen ver. Progressive)
The height is 18cm (MG RX-78-2 height), so I'm expecting this kit to be quite expensive X_X

Looked very nice, but I have to wonder how it'll look straight out of the box.

I hope Kotobukiya not gonna screw this up like Alt Eisen ver. Progressive (great articulation, BAD stability).
Right now I'm just hoping that this kit won't come out too soon (late 2010 or early 2011 would be nice) or too pricy (5000-6000 yen at max). ^^;

Muv-Luv Alternative OP


  1. So Muv-Luv is a eromecha, and I loved the figma Meiyu, Yeah Im not sure if this is a regular or a custom

  2. muvluv apaan sih? anime OVA ya?

  3. what's an eroge actually? :D heheheheh

    muv luv mechas are nice, I like them. Waiting for your review for this, hahaha.

  4. @heathorn:
    you know what an eroge is LOL
    I'll try to review it as soon as I can get my hands on one ^^

  5. I love that series of mecha! But I don't place much high hopes for quality from kotobukiya...and they are bloody pricey!!!

  6. does Muv-Luv have anime adaption?

    the mech is too good for just an erogame like that, IMO

  7. @chubbybots:
    true ^^;
    but I'm giving them a chance since my last Koto kit (1/144 Gespenst Mk-II Albero custom, hello there site banner) was actually pretty good.

    no anime adaptation yet, though it's easy to see why.
    The main story was spread out into 3 series (Muv-Luv, Muv-Luv Unlimited, and Muv-luv Alternative) which would be hard to adapt into anime unless they make it a 3 season.
    and the first Muv-Luv doesn't contain any mecha at all since it's mostly school love comedy. Then at Unlimited, the main protagonist got transferred into an alternate world where humans have been at war with aliens for a long time, hence the mechas.

    too good LOL, it just show how much love the creator had with mechas.
    I'm still waiting for the day Muv-Luv would appear on SRW XD

  8. Seems Gainax is doing the muv luv alt story in spring 2011. And they can always attach additional story and side stories later like when the kimi ga nozomu eien all the way to akane maniax(which is one day before the events of muv luv start). totally getting this. so excited for the series^^

  9. @C.R.:
    Is that true!? O_o
    can you link me the source of the news?

  10. A mysterious message coming from nowhere...