Monday, July 19, 2010

[4Koma] Wheels on the road

My first 4Koma after starting this blog!

It's very hard to keep the God Gundam standing above the Lotos, so I can't put a much more interesting pose for God Gundam =/


  1. GJ*~! *thumbs up*

    I have a feeling that Subaru wants to get even at G-Gundam... *cough*knuckleBuster*cough*

    Actually, it reminds me one of my older post:

    p.s. be adding you to my blogroll, da ze~.

  2. That's a good idea!
    Divine Buster vs God Finger
    Subaru's cyborg eyes vs God's Hyper Mode
    ohohoho nice!
    too bad it'll have too wait till my roomate is back from his holiday around August (I'm using his camera :p)

    thx for adding! :D

  3. Lol!! Short and sweet 4komas..never expect domon with the lotos haha!!