Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ACE R new PV: Alt Eisen Riese, ART-1, & Cybuster included!?

Three units from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation are added into the rosters of the upcoming PS3's Another Century's Episode R!!

part 1:

Part 2:

A PV was shown on Akihabara showing more gameplay elements that were not in the previous PV. And to the shock of the audience, the game included 3 popular units from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation! (and they were my favorites too XD)

Other stuff shown was:
- Nu grappling and punching the heck out of it's opponent (in this case, a Hambrabi)
- Gundam Crossbone X1 doing a Rider Kick
- Aquarion's Mugen Punch appearing to be a combination attack
- Thruster seems much more faster than it was on the previous game
- Plane mode seemed to handle much better too
- The return of launching scene from the mother ship
- Alt Eisen Riese vs ART-1
- The characters seems to be at an alternate dimension/another planet
- Wave Rider attack for Z Gundam, and of course
- Bonta-kun XD.

Now if only I had a PS3 =/

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  1. Ok...I am so stoked for this game...omg this roster is mouthwatering!!!

    And there is that SRW on PS3 coming too...ah exciting times!