Thursday, January 13, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Sinanju Part 5


The last of Sinanju's WIP are mostly about the backpack

Tried to add some colors into the gray parts of the booster to increase the details.

Painted the inner of the white pice that's going to be on the end of the booster with gray to add illusion of depth.

The gold colors inside the thruster looked better with the darker surrounding too.

With the colors and the thick panel line, it almost looked cartoony to me (in a good way).

I shall name it, the Tropical Fish Booster!!

Back to the energy tank after the seamline removal.
I wonder if I did it right? It was mostly gone but if you squint you might still be able to see a certain line across the tank.

Painted the thruster area gray and panel lined.

And then into the part that connects the energy tank to the backpack.
painted the part in circlee with gray so that there's no red sticking out from the gray part.


And the last part to be touched with the gold & silver, the connector between the backpack and the booster.

Completed :D

Rear look.

Also gonna try removing the seamline on the beam rifle.

Painted the inner side of the shield with gray.

And that's all the pic I took.
I built the rest of the equipments while the camera was being borrowed. ;^^

After this I'm going for the kick, in the form of comic!! :D


  1. Gold-detail fetish. XD

  2. If I made the WIP post of my Delta Plus, you would've called me Silver freak :P
    Well I'm both actually XD

  3. Nice gold finish :D

    looking forward for the Kicking action

  4. Tropical fish booster! XD Very nice finish on the Sinanju. The bling bling 'fetish' reminds me of someone's method of gunpla building - gold and silver everywhere for hydraulic pipes!

  5. You can never go wrong with gold and silver for the hydraulics.

  6. @Aya:
    Thx :D

    haha, it's NK right?
    At first I was only in for the silver. But after seeing NK's work, I then understand how good it would be if the silver were to be combined with the gold.

    in fact, all hydraulics should be gold and silver! XD

  7. Nice one, the combination of Red, White, Gold and Gray looks really nice in that parts :D
    What type of paint did you use?

  8. silver freak and gold fetish, lets make it as mech-nuts XD

    tropical fish FTW

  9. Will you be using the stickers for the shield? Or are you gonna mask and paint?

  10. @h4msterworld:
    I only used gundam markers, never tried painting any other way :p

    I used the stickers.

  11. Waiting for ur kickuuuu