Sunday, January 9, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Sinanju Part 2


Continuing from the leg to the waist, starting with the front skirt.

The second part that needed to put the stickers on.
Luckily the stickers are easier to place and stick better than the one on the knee.
Also painted the thrusters in gold and panel lined before putting them in their place.

The standard simple mod of cutting the skirt so they could move individually.
Left the nub as is to keep some friction between the two so that the skirt wouldn't get too loose.

Crotch area. gold on the thruster and panel line as usual.

And then into the inner part of the rear skirt.
I'm very glad that Bandai gave the skirt an inner detail, along with mobility for the rear skirt which is very rare to be on a HG
(I only know Sazabi and God being the other HG that can also do this).
Added some plated silver with marker on the pipe and wire parts.

Continued with gold on the nearby parts.
I did this mostly because I also did lots of touch-up on HGUC Sazabi's rear skirt.
Maybe I'll take a comparison pic later.

Cleaned and panel lined.
Looked good and all, but will it be visible later on?

Painted the vent/thruster parts with gold to add some good looks.
Panel lined that particular place and the detail on the skirt itself.

Put the black parts and then the cut mod, something that cannot actually be done to the HGFC God Gundam.

The semi completed waist section.
The rear skirt is bigger than the rear skirt, allowing the details to remain visible.
But will it stay visible when the side skirt and legs are connected?

Painted the thruster on the side skirt in the usual gold and the pipe that will be on the side of the waist in silver.
You can see that the silver is starting to get thinner as I'm running out of silver. :(

A little bit of a jump from the last pic (:p), but here's the finished leg + waist.
Sadly the detail on the inner side of the rear skirt are mostly invisible. :(
At least it can still be seen if looked from an angle and if the leg weren't so straight.

Oh and forgot a thing here.
The lower part of the black part on the rear skirt are supposed to be gray
(I think, since there are a small bit of detail on that part),
so I did so with gray gundam marker


  1. Nicely done, the marker job. You even done the inner parts of the rear skirt. =D

  2. your efforts, for such details, are praised. good work dude ;D

  3. @bd77 & Zoidiect:
    thanks guys :D
    I'm a pervert when it comes to mecha, so a detailed skirt (if possible) is a must! XD

  4. Hmm the HGUC is pretty decent, didn't expect the rear skirt pieces to be movable. Your painted detail is great also!

  5. Damn, those are really detailed work on the skirts and neck area! Keep up the good work man and the pervertness haha

  6. @playevolution:
    Yeah, it was a total surprised as I never expected to have a HG with both the front and rear skirts to be able to move individually (with a very minor mod)

    haha, thanks a lot :p