Monday, January 10, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Sinanju Part 3


Going up to the upper body~

I'm really liking Bandai for leaving lots of details that had potentials to be touched up
even for builder that only uses markers like me.
The usual combo of silver and gold worked wonders here.

Also did some gold on the small emblem.
Maybe it was because it's pretty small, but the color didn't stick out that well.

And then put the infamous neck unit.
The neck part was also used in multiple previous HGUC, allowing them to look higher than the usual neck joint would allow.
But this time the neck joint was blocked by the upper chest part, making it kinda useless.
HGUC Delta Plus also suffered from this problem.

The connector between the body and the arm does not allow the shoulder to move up and down.
But it was placed at an angle slightly pointing upward, in which I'm glad,
since if a kit can move it's shoulder up, I would most likely put the shoulders as high as possible to give a cool looking pose.

Onto the main part of the stickers (other than the shield). Had to adjust it a couple of time, but ended up pretty good.
Also did some silver on the pipe below.

After that point when I'm building, I had a power outage. =/
Well that didn't stop me though. The building process continues, with emergency light.
... and all of the sudden the pictures looked good. I guess I had lot's of stuff wrong with the lighting all this time. =_=;

Continuing with the collar.
At first it seems like this part were the easiest to put the stickers on, but I couldn't get it to look right on the edges.

The side of the chest and the inner part of the shoulders.
I liked how they're pretty simple yet adds up quite a bit to the details.

Putting them together, it actually looked as if this HG had an inner frame. XD
The pics looked too good, I ended playing a bit too much with the camera and the emergency light. :p

Standing above the emergency light itself.
The light went through some part of the front skirt. Maybe I'll paint the inside of the front skirt with gray later.

Oh hey, light back on, but that's it for now.


  1. Holy, you even do the very smallish emblem on the collar?

    Even with emergency lighting, the pictures still turns up

  2. @Aya:
    yeah, I need to hurry on to get the rest of the pic ^^;

    It's not really that hard. Just paint it with the usual gold gundam marker, let it dry a bit, then panel line the botch. Didn't look very great though. =/
    And from then on, I'll always use the emergency light as a lighting tool.

  3. hoho, looks nice bro :D yeah, the lights, same for me, when i switched to using table lamps, my photos turns out to look better, even with only 2mp phone camera

  4. how the heck did you do the cables on the neck piece?

  5. @Zoidiect:
    You're right. I'll need to take better care of lighting from now on ^^;

    With love and guts! XD
    I did it using the usual gundam marker, scrape off the botch that was kinda away with drawing knife, and cover the botch that was near with panel line.

  6. Cool, that lamp is hella bright. The photos look pretty good though.

  7. @Tom:
    it's actually the result of the camera facing the light source directly :)

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  8. nice, this lamp is quit bright.