Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Sinanju Part 4


Continuing into the shoulders and head in this post

The thrusters underneath the shoulders with a swing joint.
The interior of the thruster have been painted with gold marker previously.
I didn't really like the hollowness of the parts when seen from behind. :(

The small thrusters on the side were in the same color with the shoulders.
Painted it gold so that it'll look similar to the differently colored thruster which I'll paint gold too later.

cleaned and panel lined.

The seamline that can be disguised as a panel line.
Funny it was here under the shoulders but not anywhere else. The leg could've used this feature.

The completed shoulders.
To be honest, the seamline on this part got to be the most unique seamline I've ever seen.

Anybody felt that the Sinanju was based on the Neo Zeon's symbol?

Into the forearm. Painted more miin thruster with silver and panel lined.

Seamline across the forearm that you may or may not see.

painted the pipe like thing on the forearm with silver.
Hang on a little bit more, silver marker. :(

Finishing the rest of the golden stickers on the forearm, which also is the last part on the whole body to have golden stickers.

And now the main body is almost complete.
Next question: head or backpack first?
Answer: head.

Another nice build design by Bandai where the vulcan is molded with the face/chin plate, allowing easier painting.

But this is where Bandai's design got sloppy.
The seamline on the back of the head can be avoided with the part being a one piece straight from the runner
(like HGUC Nu or HGAW X), or just easily disguise it as a panel line.
Anyway, I tried removing the seamline using tamiya cement (something I rarely do).

Oh hi there, little-eye-that-almost-cannot-be-seen-unless-you're-looking-at-a-low-angle.

Done letting it dry...
...Didn't worked that great I guess. =/
Also the horn has been sharpened.

Silver for the pipe around the neck, while leaving the other parts in gray.
Oh, and I panel-lined the pipe. :p

Looking good there. :)

And there it is, the full body (minus backpack) of the HGUC Sinanju.
You can see that the sticker on the knee is going to be a bit of a problem. =/

Loved that look.

A shot from below the unit to see the gold on the thrusters.

In preparation of building the backpack, I decided that I'm still gonna try removing the seamline on the energy tank.
And this time I'm leaving the cement to dry for a whole night for good measure.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you win some internets for that awesome title :D

  2. Ohhh... nicely done there. Now waiting warmly for the final few posts.

    p.s the SDM crew apporves of your title.

  3. It looks like you're still using the emergency lights.

  4. @Zoidiect & bd77:
    LOL, I didn't intended to do a Touhou reference, and didn't even realize it until bd mentioned it. ^^;

    yeah, I think I'm gonna use it from now on on regardless of lights out or not.

  5. great job painting all the details, it really makes a difference. hmm can you carefully glue the stickers on the knee back in place?

    removing the seam line on the tanks was fun and makes it look so much better... even though i did a sloppy job and sanded a bit to hard on the edges ^^;;