Sunday, January 9, 2011

"I'm not dead"-kind of post

So yeah, I haven't updated the blog nor visited other's blog for more than half a month. Really sorry about that ;^^.
All of my college teacher except one decided that 31st December or the first week of January is a good time to put the deadline of team assignments, making it the most chaotic end year-new year I ever had (especially since one of the assignment didn't go very well as I quarreled with my teammate even minutes within new year).

And other than those stuff, I was also got drowned with Umineko no Naku Koro ni, having marathon eps 5-7 of the novel during the last days of 2010, and recently searching the wiki and playing the new fighting game. Really sorry bout that. :p

Well, leaving that aside, happy belated new year. :)

Unfortunately, I can't really say that I'm back to active right now. The week after the next I'll be facing exams, which spanned for two weeks. After that I'm getting a new notebook (not PC, as I'm kinda "nomadic"), and I might took a bit of time to tweak it, and "enjoy" it :p. I might not be active until mid-February.

Even so, I'm going to post the WIP of HGUC Sinanju and some comic for the kick part of Zoidiect's Sinanju Groupbuild, and also a "surprise" that me and my friend worked by the last of December of 2010.
So with that said, stay tuned for a bit guys! :D

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