Sunday, January 9, 2011

SD Gundam G Generation World News Update

A bit more info regarding the upcoming SD G Gen. Thx to Anon for mentioning :).

Info & pics from Famitsu

The ability to create and customize your own character.

The stuff you can customize:
- name
- gender
- growth type
- looks (pilot suits)
- voice

I find this very interesting since instead of giving us the usual stock original characters with preset growth rate and skills, we get to pick our own to our own liking.
Mind you that the stock original characters are still around and most likely the created characters would still lose to a series' main character when they're on the same level.

Trading created characters/development plan via PSP's Ad Hoc or Wiimote's internal memory.

And among the newer unit list, I'm very surprised to find these two units:
MSV/Sidestory F91?

Gerbera Tetra Kai

These two made me have hopes of older MSV from G Gen Spirits returning.

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