Sunday, January 9, 2011

[WIP] HGUC Sinanju Part 1


All right, here we go with the WIP of this kit. I have been waiting for the Sinanju to appear in HGUC form, and seeing how many unit that appeared on the first episode of Gundam Unicorn get a HGUC release before/after the first episode aired (Unicorn, Stark Jegan, Loto, Geara Zulu, & Loto), I called the appearance of HGUC Sinanju within the release of the 2nd episode of the Gundam Unicorn anime XD.

I didn't try to put any mod to any part of this kit other than the most simple of mods(I avoided mods most other kit that I built, since I had bad memories of doing mods on a kit =_=;), but I tried putting as many touch-up as I can.

Ever since building the RG, I felt that every gunpla kit should be build starting from the feet, and then going up,
with the head being the last of the body parts, then to the equipment.

Quite a bit of parts for an HG's feet.
Details and color separation are on optimum effect in this part.

Moving on to the part that will form the knee joint.
I painted the pipe with the usual plated silver + gold.
Sadly my plated silver marker is starting to run out (and it'll get worse later on).

And then into the first part that I'm putting stickers onto.
At first I thought of painting all the gold markings with markers, but then I remember how easy it is for the marker to accidentally get scratched off, not to mentions that the markings are mostly on place that I might likely to touch when posing the kit.

Then into the parts that will form the calf.
I'm not sure what's the circular parts are (I'm guessing thruster), but it screamed "put more detail onto me!", so put plated silver on 'em.

And then panel-lined it.
...Anybody felt that it looked like a creepy face?

I also decided to paint all the yellow (orange-ish yellow to be correct) parts on this kit to gold.
Don't forget to put the panel-line.

The semi-completed calf.

Following the tradition that I painted the interior of thrusters of Zeon units with gold, I did so with all the thruster parts on the runner right away.

Cleaned and panel-lined.

The part on the calf that can be swinged for the Sinanju to do "high-speed mode".
Unfortunately, sliding it into that position would allow the empty gap inside to be seen. =/

Again, not sure what it is, but I painted it with plated silver and panel-lined it.
Should've I painted it with gold instead of silver?

And connect it with the previously built feet and upper leg, we finally have the completed leg.
You know, I might say that Sinanju is one of Katoki's best work. But I also think that Sinanju is Katoki's work that is most un-Katoki-like. Instead of being straight and rich with detail of panel-line/color differentiation, Sinanju seemed to have a more curvy and smooth kind of look... Oh, and that FACE.


  1. Those small circular things that you've silver it up are the smaller verniers, used for attitude correction and positioning of limbs of it.

    DAT FACE. The reaction is... EPIC!
    I approve. And also, welcome back.

  2. Hahaha thx guys. :D
    I actually did stopped building and did a reaction face for a few second when I get to that part, and then I remembered a certain pic that would fit the reaction XD

    Ah I see, wasn't too far off I guess.
    Thx! :)

  3. Wow dat face now that is an epic discovery!