Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Sidestory] Recent stuff October 28th 2010


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Got a package yesterday. ^^
HGUC Delta Plus and finally my first nipper!!

"First nipper? Then what have you been using?"-you said?
Well, this is what I've been using until now!!

Yeah, really

I used the nail clipper for cutting the tree and the nail polish for sanding (I'm still gonna the polish).
The reason I stopped using the clipper? It got chipped on the edge (which is pretty much the most important part in cutting a parts from the runner if you're using nail clipper), and it's quite old it actually starting to rust everywhere, not something you want to put you fingers on ;^^.

On the side notes, I'm going to take a short break on blogging for just a bit, probably just a week or two. I'm currently in an exams period, so I'm gonna try taking studies seriously for a while ;^^.

but then again, I'm totally itching about trying the nipper and building the Delta Plus!! XD
Alright! The mekki silver and some lining on the pipe looked good just as planned!!
I think I'm gonna make all the white parts on Delta Plus into mekki silver, since I thought that the whites on Delta Plus looks quite contrast compared with the rest of it's color scheme.

Whoa hey, stop building and start studying! now!!

Replace fap with build

With that said, see you later guys!
*plugs off internet cable*


  1. Ohh... nice get. And... regard your last pic, DUU EEET~! XD

    Good luck on your exams, dude. All the best.

  2. Good luck with your exams, and I look forward to your return once the coast is clear!

  3. See you and good luck for your exam :D

  4. lol at the last pic, hahahahahaha
    I am also using a nail clipper, it's been there for 5-6 years :D