Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[4Koma] The Red Hustler part 2

A continuation from the previous 4koma.

I'm still confused what to write a moving mecha SFX should be like ;^^

Albero = Gespenst Mk-II Custom Albero Use
Seventh = Full Armor Gundam 7th


  1. lolwhut? Cannon-fetish?! O_O

    Question, is Nineball equiped will wheels on his feets? If yes, then, that is fine then. =D

    Luckily Major Kai isn't there or Albero will be in deep... v_v

  2. @bd77:
    AC legs doesn't have legs (except the tank legs), but they usually hover/grind the grounds when their thrusters are activated.

    Haha, Kai would definitely whip Albero's ass lecturing how to master Mecha Judo!! XD

  3. AC nineball don't have wheels. each of the equipment sold separately... just like in the damn game! XD

  4. The sound of Nineball moving reminds me of Virtual On. So I guess any kind of mech that hovers or moves without moving its legs makes that sound.

    Cannon fetish LOL never noticed FA-78-7 had that huge a cannon. BFG indeed.

  5. Albero's Gespenst Mk-II Custom is damn sexy... :D

    Where did Albero's cannon goes?

  6. @Syful:
    Thankfully we still get the AC's original ingame weapons XD

    Yeah, that's definitely the biggest gun the Earth Federation had until that time.

    wait till the next 4koma :)