Friday, October 15, 2010

[4Koma] The Red Hustler *Edited*

EDIT: changed some minor typo, text placement, and sfx.

text on my 4koma? Egads!!

When I think of what kind of SFX would it be from the Armored Core's verniers, "vreeeeen" (or ブイイ~~ン if you like :p) was the only thing that came to my mind ;^^

the original ver


  1. Ah, you too use the same right-to-left reading format (I though I'm the only one). =D

    Make any Japanese user who want to translate our works easier. XD

    Now, the MOST important question: Is the pilot... Cirno? XDDDDD
    (or just a big fan of her)

  2. Lol. I really thought it was a Char's Mecha.

  3. @bd77:
    wow, I would be tripping head-over-heels if my works were to be translated for Japanese users XD

    The pilot might not be related to Cirno, but he's definitely on the (9) mindset XD

    If your first thought on "famous red mecha" isn't Char, there's something wrong with you! LOL

  4. Lol for a moment i was thinking Sinanju or Sazabi :P