Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Sidestory] Recent stuff October 12th 2010

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Since I think this "Sidestory: Recent Stuff" will now be a recurring post on this blog (to avoid hiatus like now =/),
I thought I should put a picture to not make these posts empty. It just happens that I liked taking pictures of the sky with my cellphone(when they're good enough).
I just hope I don't get to meet with a vampire that like to drink tomato juice (cake for those who understand the reference).

End of Ngee Khiong's blog
Kinda late(or "Totally" I suppose ;^^), but I will address this issue on the next post.

SRW OG The Inspector anime
Was glorious. Might make a 4koma to re-enact my impressions.

Current state of gunplas/figures on Chessboard Attic
Pretty stagnant :(. Nothing new for a while other than that my roommate has bought and built Kotobukiya Armored Core Crest Nineball ver.
The Kotobukiya Armored Core Crest Assault that I've ordered still haven't arrived. I'm wondering if I should just get the HGUC Delta Plus while waiting.
Heck, I should've just get a work on the reviews, c'mon H_R you lazy bastard.

Running out on marker
My Gundam marker that I used the most, mekki silver (plated silver), is starting to run out. I looked around on local stores and only able to find normal silver (which are as lousy as every Gundam Markers that aren't mekki silver or gold).
After a quick search, I just found out that it has stopped production on January this year.
Oh no, hell no...

College life
Damn hectic. Assignments kept coming left and rights and my Japanese club just became 3x busier, combine that with lousy schedule means that I had to go to college twice a day for three times a week =/.


  1. I approve on the SRW OG - The Inspector. =D

  2. i heard good stuff about the latest series from SRW! Lol.....whats with the head banging going on in the end?

  3. @bd77:
    to be honest I wasn't expecting much until I saw the trailer.;^^

    because the mekki silver gundam marker is one of the very few gundam markers that actually works and looks good T_T

  4. eva 00 going berserk!! oh no!! XD
    good luck bro, busy is sometimes good as well, compared to having nothing to do :D