Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interesting stuff from 50th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show

50th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show has been a pretty interesting show (I pretty much always says this whenever a show exhibited many new upcoming kits ;^^).

After reading from Gundam Guy and Gundam Model Kits and Figures, here are the kits that had me interested or a definite buy!!

All images are taken from Gundam Guy and Gundam Model Kits and Figures.

HGUC Gouf Custom

Has been waiting for this ever since it was announced.
The Gatling Shield makes this kit a total buy for me (and the whip too!).
But now that the prototype is finished and we get to see it on it's final design, I'm very glad to see it have quite a bit of grooves for extra detailing and panel lining! :D

HGUC GM Custom

I have been waiting for this kit for like two years.
Seeing GM Quell has been on the HGUC line for quite a while, I was wondering what took this so long to be put on the HGUC line, since GM Custom and GM Quell shares a lot of identical parts (in fact, I think the only different parts are only the chest and shoulders. They even share the same weapon and shield!), but after the release of the recent HGUC GM Type-C, I knew this kit is totally coming, and I'm right! XD
But I'm kinda worried sine this HGUC GM Custom seems very likely to share the same runner with some of the older HGUC GM kits (the same problem suffered by HGUC GM Type-C), making this kit lacked articulations, details, and a bit of seamlines.

HGUC Gundam Extreme

I wasn't interested in this kit as I wasn't very fond of the design (it actually looked a bit better as a kit though). But the thing that makes me interested is... that it's labeled a HGUC!?

HGFC Nobel Gundam

I knew this was coming, but I actually thought they're going to release HGFC Master Gundam first ;^^. Nevertheless, Nobel would add the small number of "feminine" MS on the board!! ^^
By the way Bandai, now that you released HGAW & HGFC, can we get HGCC Turn A Gundam please? ;^^

HGAW Gundam X Divider

Was very glad my roommate haven't bought the normal HGAW Gundam X. I'm surprised at the extra beam saber and the Bazooka (I played a couple of SRW and G Gen and I never knew X Divider had a Bazooka! O_o).
I'm expecting the Beam Harmonica to have the remove-insert to another position instead of a slide mechanism.

MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Fang Joker

I still haven't managed to review the MG Cyclone Joker (sorry ;^^), but one of the complaints I have with that figure is that the proportion is very off, making it have a low visual points. But this Fang Joker looked very awesome!!
I'm not sure whether they fixed the proportions (I'm guessing no) or it's just that the sharper look fits the size more, but this Fang Joker is a get for me!
On other news, I loled seeing that they actually implemented the transformation gimmick to MG Accel.

Kotobukiya Takemikazuchi Type-00R

More news on it XD
They're promoting 3 points:
1) Articulation.
Might be a continuation of the great articulation offered on the Alt Eisen ver. Progressive. I just hope it won't have as much loose parts as the ver. progressive.
2) Lots of parts.
Lots is a big understatement. This thing is packed with Bazillions of weapons! I mean, two big swords, four machine guns, two knifes, lots of missiles, and other stuff that I still haven't figured out yet, and this thing is still barely 5000 yen!? XD
3) Visual/Details.
Can't really make out what's written there, but the things for sure is that it won't have hollow parts and it'll have clear parts around the red square/hexagon parts.
I'm also expecting some pre-painted parts. I hope they wouldn't be as stupid to put nub marks on the prepainted parts like their older kits.
Not only that it's a dream come true of seeing a Senjutsuki plamo kit, it seems like this is going to be a great kit by Kotobukiya too! Can't wait for this one!! XD

and of course, last but not least...

RG Char's Zaku-II

Nuff said XD
It's most likely that I went to another hell of a building (not to mention the pipes). I hope I don't break anything on the building process ;^^.

now with all of that coming...
save your money save your money save your money save your money save your money save your money!!!


  1. *upon seeing the Nobel Gundam*
    My wallet is ready. =D

    Extreme Gundam, two words from me: BIG HEADED~! Seriously, LOOK~!

    The GM Custom... sorta but not compulsory. They're smaller than the Jegans... Or worse... the Geara Doga. XD

  2. I'm more interested in the Deathscythe Hell. :D RGs would be nice for some fun building if I had extra cash to spare.

  3. @bd77:
    about the Extreme Gundam: I know LOL, and even the v fins is twice wider than it's head.

    about the GM Custom: Of course they're smaller than Jegan, they're made 12 year before Jegan was made by Anaheim hahaha.

    I don't really gets into MG because of the lack of space to put them and the price ;^^.
    but yeah, MG Deathscythe Hell EW ver. is certainly a dream come true for a lot of people :D

  4. I can imagine people messing around with nobel and revoltech woody, mwahahahah

  5. RG zaku sure does look pretty darn good :D