Sunday, October 24, 2010

A closer look on the upcoming HG kits

Another random header pic taken with my cellphone

So I've been reading more magazine shots of the upcoming HGUC/AW/FC kits that I've been watching for a while on Gundam Guy, and surprisingly I realized a lot of stuffs I didn't know before.

So with that said, here are the points that I realized.
(All pics below were taken from Gundam Guy.)

HGUC GM Custom

I've said in my last post that the HGUC GM Custom is very likely to share the same mold with the old HGUC GM Quell (which was released on 2007), which would make this kit scroes lower on the visual and articulations compared to nowadays HGUC.

The interesting thing is, the magazine and Gunpla Secret Factory implied otherwise! O_o
I'm pleasantly surprised! I mean, Bandai not being lazy on the molds? How co-- *shots*

HGAW Gundam X Divider

The main attraction of this kit is, of course, the Divider shield AKA Beam Harmonica. But after looking at this pic, I realized something that might actually be a problem.

The original HGAW Gundam X didn't have a conventional shield that is held on it's left arm, meaning that it doesn't have a hole to plug the parts that usually wraps the forearm to secure the shield to the left arm. The HGAW Gundam X Divider's body uses the same parts, including the left arm, which puts me into this conclusion:

"The Divider shield is held only with the left hand"

If my conclusion was correct, then the shield might actually cause some stability issues :(, especially since the shield has some inner details when it opens up (unless Bandai decided to skip the color separation to stickers or just leave it as one colors =/).
Let's just hope I'm wrong on this.

Anyway, the two beam sabres is cool XD.
We finally got another HG that can actually hold beam sabres on both hand/got the beams to do so, not to mention the beams are shaped and not the usual "cone stick" :D.

HGFC Nobel Gundam

Apparently the ribbons are elastic! O_o
On the hand parts that are included on this kit, you can see a pair of bigger open palm hands. Those aren't Nobel's hands, but God Gundam's. Those pair were used to re-enact the scene where God Gundam held the Nobel Gundam. How considerate of Bandai! XD
V Finger also included. XD
They also seems to implements swing articulation for the waist-hip joint, that is very interesting. I hope that kind of mechanism can be implemented on future HG lineup. Even right now I'm imagining what kind of new dynamic poses can be achieved with that articulation! :D
And I just remembered that Nobel Gundam is actually quite short. This kit is said to be only 9.5cm tall (the average height of HG is 12 cm)
On the (probably) bad news, it seems that they won't include the opened "hair" (Nobel's berserk mode characteristic), which makes me think that Bandai might also release a HGFC Nobel Gundam Berserk Mode separately like the Hyper Mode ;^^.

HGUC Gouf Custom

It keep looking cooler and cooler to me. XD
But other than that, I saw something funny. The upper-leftmost pic and the one besides it shows that the Gouf Custom had blue pipes (the same with the 50th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show and the original anime), but the other pics shows that it had black/gray pipes.
Inconsistencies within the same page? ;^^
And also, I saw some orange on the cockpit (below the chest), so I'm guessing that part is a clear parts.

That's all that I've noticed. Needless to say, I'm getting excited over the improvement Bandai did to the HGUC/FC/AW line! I'm expecting the enjoyment when I finally get to build these kits! XD


  1. Haha you are sharp man! You pointed out quite a lot of things on Noble gundam that i didn't notice! I am also waiting for that gouf to come!!!

  2. The GM Custom uses new construction? THAT is indeed a good thing.
    Wait... if Nobel is at 9.6m... then. Wow... Short...
    As for Gouf... sorta wants... *smirk*

  3. hmmm... Nobel Bezerk mode, I kinda noticed at 1st the hair doesn't open up and flaring sideways.. but since you said there might be another production.. I hope my wallet gonna be ready then...

  4. Nice observations there.

    According to Gunpla Secret Factory despite the fact that HGUC GM Custom has a similar appearance to the older HGUC GM Quel, and according to the blogger it should incoporate HGUC Powered GM's parts etc, which are also used in the fairly recent HGUC GM Kai.

    Nobel's whip is made of PET, which is like the GN Feather wing effect for HG O Gundam, hence the 'floppiness' of the whip :o

    HGUC Gouf Custom definitely looks cool. Not sure why there's blue pipe on some pictures and grey ones for others, even though both are just straight assembled models without any touch-ups. Nevertheless I'm planning to get one even though I got the old 1/144 and painted it dark green.

  5. @chubbybots:
    haha, actually there are some stuff that I realized right when I'm writing this ^^

    Do get the Gouf Custom! For the glory of Zeon!!

    Just probably. But knowing Bandai, it's highly likely LOL

  6. @Q:
    ah I see, thanks for clearing up ont the GM Custom and Nobel.:)
    I think the pipe was reused from the pipe of the HGUC Zaku-II F2 which was grey, and they only recolored it on later shots which is the upper left pic and the one beside it.