Friday, August 27, 2010

[WIP] HGUC GM Striker

Okay, finally got the time & will to do this.
Come on H_R, show some dedication!!

And I have to apologize for the picture quality, made quite a mistake when I took them. (;=_=)

Being #72 on the HGUC line (released in late 2006), GM Striker lacks a couplefeature of nowadays HGUC,
namely the ball joint waist articulation, shoulder joints that can move up, and a movable neck.

Slap the big green piece. The red part is foil sticker.
You might notice that there are a lot of grooves for panel lining, which are paradise for me. ^^

Complete the body with the orange parts for the chest exhaust and neck.

The backpack. The orange on the side are foil stickers (which I applied poorly)

Added and painted the boosters with silver gundam marker then fill it with black marker.
There's some place that I couldn't reach, can anybody help me on how to get those? ;^^

Simple way to connect the backpack to the body via two pegs and holes.

The back of the head. Painted the back camera with metallic blue gundam marker,
but then I realized that it was supposed to be red (;=_=)

The inner part for the eye had grooves to add detail. I painted them with silver gundam marker to increase visibility

The complete head, the red camera is a foil sticker, the red besides it are gundam marker (I hate gundam markers that aren't metallic colors), the white mouth piece is a foil sticker. I also added silver for the inner side of the front helmet (it was supposed to be light green just like the back of the head)

Simple parts for the shoulder. The parts on the side can move.

The elbow parts. The circular parts are supposed to be white but it was full black.
Added silver instead.

Then add the armor parts.

and WHOA, nice 180 bend there.
Oh, and the orange bit is a foil sticker.

And we got something "unique" for the open left hand here.

Wrist articulation!!
AFAIK, the only HGUC that have it are this, Powered GM, and the recent GM Type C which inherited the mold of Powered GM.

The very simple feet.

The leg joint, with circular part similar with the elbow.

Add the main armor parts and the connector to the feet.

And then the side armor, but before that...

Don't forget to add the stickers first.

And then the leg boosters. I painted it similar to the backpack boosters.

Also did the same to the sole of the feet.

Simple pelvis/skirt parts, no hip movement. I didn't separate the front skirt because I'm afraid it might end up being loose.

Then added the booster part with the paint scheme you should've been familiar with by now.
There's also a slot for action base although it's only compatible with HGUC Gabthley's stand.

Finally add the sideskirt, and finally...

A finished GM Striker! (although it's missing it's right hand in this pic)

The spike shield. On the left pic it's just one plastic part that I painted with both grey and silver, and then added the movable spike on it.

And that's pretty much what I managed to take a picture. After that a friend came and I continued, but forgot to take further pics. (;=_=)


  1. For the black paint not reaching the tight areas, you can try using a pin or toothpick to help. If it's still too big to fit, try using thinned paint which will run into the gap and fill it.

  2. A pin or needle would helped, there.

    Even for an old kit, it has good articulations there.

  3. still a cool kit. nice detailed WIP, great job. sometimes for hard to reach areas i use the fat markers and let the ink run to the gaps, then clean up the excess ^^;