Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sidestory: Local Video Game Forum Gathering

Today I went to a local Video Game Forum's Grand Gathering (although the Admin said this one was a mini-Grand Gathering) at a game rental.

The road trip was hell (especially on the way back, I think I busted my legs @_@), but the event was pretty fun. 4 tournaments were held.

PS3 Tournament: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
XBox 360 Tournament: Gears of Wars 2
Wii Tournament: Wii Sport Resort
PS3 Tournament: Super Street Fighter IV

Not having any next gen console nor the experience to play any of those games, I didn't enter any of the competition (which I regretted, as it turns out that many participants of the Wii tournament never played it anyway).

Some Blazblue players hijacked some PS3 and played Blazblue Continuum Shift. I wanted to play Blazblue if I ever gonna get my hand on a next gen console (which is definitely not gonna happen anytime soon, so might as well forget it... for now :p).

My biggest regret is probably that I left a tad bit too early (6 PM), because as soon as I leave, they hold a henshin competition using Kamen Rider W's henshin belt, which I thought was canceled.

Either way, it was a pretty good event. I hope they'll gonna hold this at least annually (and do the henshin competition properly =/).


  1. Denger2 katanya sih (diusahakan) bakalan ada gath lagi nanti abis lebaran. Tapi gak tahu juga sih beneran jadi apa gak, mengingat yang grandly mini gath kemaren aja ngaret tahunan.

  2. @anon:
    Rasanya sih ga mungkin habis lebaran, jedanya terlalu deket, panitianya juga bakal rugi ngeluarin biaya lagi ;^^