Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[New Stuff] SIC Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa & Kamen Rider Dark Kiva

After not getting any SIC with the reason of price or design for a while, I finally gave in to the temptation and bought my very first SIC, Kamen Rider Ixa & Dark Kiva.

To be honest, I didn't really like Kamen Rider Kiva Tv series. Bad writing, silly plot, mostly unlikable characters, and WTF bathscene made the series one of the worst KR series I've ever watched.
But even then there are some thing I liked from it, 3 at least.
1) Design.
Kiva, Ixa, and Sagark had great designs. Emperor and Rising Ixa weren't to my liking, but Dark Kiva fit the theme of vampire more than Emperor. Belts are mostly WTF except Ixa =/
2) Musics.
I'll admit that Koji Seto definitely can sing, and the songs written for the series had some great stuff. Destiny's Play was so-so, Individual System has good intro, but Supernova was excellent. And both the image album "Destiny" and "Inherited System" were great
3) Otoya, Kurenai "F'n" Otoya.
THE MAN. The only likable character that is actually very entertaining on screen. The reason that the (very) later episode of Kiva were actually decent. The one that made my friend stop watching Kiva after he died a couple episode before the ending ("because there's no more reason to watch Kiva" he said)

Now SIC Vol. 54 had Ixa & Dark Kiva, which both had great designs, and Otoya had transformed into both Rider. You can call this as an Otoya package! LOL

I think I got teary-eyed during the unboxing

The figures are very awesome. Incredible details, lots of accessories (so that you can characterize the Dark Kiva into one of the three character that transformed into Dark Kiva), and that damn great look that made me think every single penny is worth it.
There are some quality control issues like nub marks and paint bleeds. Thankfully most of 'em weren't that noticeable.

I can't wait till I can use the camera to make a review/gallery with this figures.

yup, I'm waiting for the camera. No more pictures for now, nope.




...screw that, here's some taken with my cellphone.

These pictures really doesn't do justice to the figures at all =/


  1. Seems that you got problem with Ixa'a right shoulder also....

  2. oh, that asymmetrical shoulder height issue?
    yeah, that's why I didn't took picture of Ixa Safe mode executing Broken Fang, just couldn't made it look right.

  3. the background is good for the picture.

    I like Dark Kiva better than Emperor, feels so powerful.

  4. @divinelight:
    I agree, Dark Kiva's blood red armor and green eyes just look much more menacing than the brightly colored Kiva Emperor.