Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1000 Hit!

Chessboard Attic now has over 1000 view hit!! XD
Thank you to all viewer and (especially) commenter!
But of course 1000 wasn't much, and I certainly hope more viewers will come!!


Well actually I should've take some special picture with my plamo/figures, but since I'm currently nowhere near them, I'll just post some of my results from a photoshop training I just did after reading a tutorial by bd77 :p (Thx a lot bd77!)

Click for bigger pictures.

Thruster effects

Glow effects

And with some liberty :p, Beam effects

Although they looked more like electric particles rather than a beam ^^;

Can't wait to make some 4Koma and the likes. I hope my roommate would get back soon with his camera.


  1. Heheh. Thanks for the mention. =D

    A few tips:
    1- Best put the ReZEL-C on a stand (LOL~!).
    2- As for the beams, normally its a single solid beam
    3- Beam sabers also works the same way (and yes, yours does looked like electrical particles... ^^;;; ).

  2. I liked the glow effect on Unicorn^^

  3. congrats bro!
    omg, you have gespenst albero?

  4. @heathorn:
    yeah, and I plan to review it sometime in the future :D