Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sidestory: Local Lego Competition - Final part

Wait, I though last time I said I'm doing GM Striker's WIP next.

Oh well. Anyway, the Lego's are already on exhibition on a local mall, and they're going to announce the winner.

So I came.
The event's not starting yet.
Waits, wanders around.
The event finally started 2-3 hours late.
Blahblahblah introduction speech.
Blahblahblah Lego's representative from Denmark speech.
Blahblahblah Lego's local representative speech.
Blahblahblah representative from both participating universities speech.
Aaaaaand the winner is... whoa, already? (less than an hour from when the event started)

Unfortunately (or I would say fortunately), we didn't win.
I'm glad they actually grouped the entries by universities so that each university gets a winner, otherwise our university wouldn't stand a chance. Most of the rival university's entry are ginormous, most of them towers over my team's entry, which is my university's tallest entry. You definitely can see the dedication put into their entries. While our university's teams dedication is...

Us: "So what do we get if we won?"
Lecturer: "A free study tour. Oh, and it ends exactly the night before new semester"
Us: "Oh..."


Funny thing is, many visitor came to our team, and said that my team's entry was "realistic", even if it wasn't as unique as the others; and while others are unique, any constructor would've been in tears if they were to build those kinds of building (LOL). Guess I'm glad the judges were Lego guys, not architects.

Well, here's the pictures I took with my cellphone cam.

An entry from the rival university. Perhaps the smallest and simplest entry from them.

The biggest (I think) entry from the rival university. It was so tall, they had to lower the table. But even then it still towers over other entries around it (including my team's).

Size comparison with an average girl. Perhaps not the best angle, but you can get an idea of how tall it is.

An entry from our university, and the winner of our university's group. Their concept is that in the future the city would be over-polluted, and they'll create an elevated city to avoid pollution.
Corruscant anyone?

Oh hi there simple but realistic building.
By the way, I named this Navaaratta (nine towers in Sanskrit), though nobody cared.

An entry from the rival university.
Their concept was that in the future the city would've sunk because of rising sea level and they'll create a floating city.

Entry from rival university.

Entry from our university. Their concept is that it's some sort of fortress.
Seriously, cannons on nowadays fortress? Work on you missile silos guys.

Entry from our university. I forgot what their concept are ;^^

Entry from rival university. You can only find this kind of building in a fantasy story.

Entry from rival university. I liked this one, kinda like a building with a collosseum/stadium on top.

Entry from rival university. Another gigantic entry.
I didn't took any picture from the other side, but from there it looked like a folded Core Fighter.

Size comparison with previous entry.

Entry from rival university. Their concept is also that the city has sunken because of rising sea level.
Guys, what's with the apocalyptic mindset? ;^^

Entry from our university. Again, I forgot what their concept is ;^^

Entry from rival university. From this angle it looked like a cathedral.

And from this angle it looked like a hydra/multi-headed monster.

Entry from rival university, and the winner of their group.

And the rest are models from Lego Fansclub. These are not part of the competition.
(I might sounds rude on some comments, but I'm just nitpicking :p)

Spread over a huge area, it attracted more visitor than the competition itself ;^^

Oh hey, blue river/lake on bottom left. This definitely isn't on Indonesia, otherwise it would've been brown.

A very cramped police station, and the prison cell are facing outside the building. Talk about some cold treatment.

Very lively. The number of Lego people are almost as astounding as the whole model.

A miniature of a train station that some locals could've call a landmark, Stasiun Kota.

But Stasiun Kota doesn't have bullet trains!

A mosque. Who knew Lego actually had that model for the symbol on top of the mosque.

Even more cramped fire station.
They're letting their mens outside because they don't have enough room.

Did I took a wrong turn? It's European style building all of the sudden.

Blue, red, yellow... Ah, that must be the Gundam building!

Flower fields. Totally surprised me back then.

Phew, that's all.
I rarely participated in any contest at all, so this was a kind of a refreshing experience.
Though I don't want to touch Legos for a couple of months ;^^

This is probably the last time you gonna see Lego on this blog.


  1. Wow nice event :D

    BTW, ampe kapan nih eventnya?

  2. Holy... That's a lot~!

    ps. Cannons are still in fashion, beam cannons to be more precise. =D

  3. "Sniff" Sniff", Its so beautiful, ALL of THEM!!!

  4. no underwater city?
    no flying city?

  5. @bd77:
    but you'll need a manly captain or a well developed lady to scream before you can fire those XD

    you're sounding like the Lego representative from Denmark XD

    I think one of the concept of that I forgot includes an underwater city among them.
    Elevated city aside, how do you pull a flying city with Lego? ;^^

  6. Wow wonderful entries man! Got to love that lego city!!! Wished they have those here locally!

  7. Wow you guys study civil engineering? The structures look awesome!

  8. @LEon
    Not really, at least not from our university since all of it member are from design faculty except myself who's on IT

  9. the winner team from your uni is cruel, they block all the sunlight >.<, but I like that diorama the best.

    for me, when I think about a futuristic city, that would be a city with slim and curvy skyscrapers.